23rd Annual National Test & Evaluation Conference

"Test & Evaluation in Support of Operational Suitability,
Effectiveness & Sustainment of Deployed Systems"

12 - 15 March 2007

Hilton Head Island, SC


Monday, March 12, 2007

Tutorial Sessions
T1. Innovative Acquisition Methodologies in Support of Test & Evaluation Objectives

T2. The Critical Link Between Test & Evaluation and Modeling & Simulation

T4. DoD Acquisition Policy on Suitability KPP and Related Issues

T5. Innovative Acquisition Methodologies in Support of Test & Evaluation Objectives

T6. The Critical Link Between Test & Evaluation and Modeling & Simulation

T8. DoD Acquisition Policy on Suitability KPP and Related Issues


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Session A
Chair: Mr. James O'Bryon

Keynote Address:

Session B
Chair: Mr. James O'Bryon

OTA's Roundtable: Military Perspectives on Testing for Sustainability and Life Cycle Costing
Chair: MG James Myles, USA, Commanding General ATEC

Session C
Chair: Dr. Mark Kiemele

Statistically-Based Test Optimization Strategies

Report from the NDIA Industrial Committee on Operational Test & Evaluation (ICOTE)

Session D
Concurrent Focus Sessions
Planning & Implementing Systems Engineering/T&E to Address Sustainability25

  • FS D1.1 T&E for Verifying Technology Development and Maturation
  • FS D1.2 Early Application of Computer Program Systems Integration, Test and Performance Measurement
  • FS D1.3 Using Technology Readiness Assessments (TRA's) to Assess the Maturity of Life Cycle Related Technologies
  • FS D1.4 Results of FY 2006 Test Resources Management Center Range Encroachment Survey Provided to the August 2006 TRMC Infrastructure Review
  • FS D1.5 Test and Training Enabling Architecture, Use to Prototype Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC)
  • FS D1.6 TRACER: A Tradespace Analysis Framework

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership & Realistic Estimates of Reliability

  • FS D2.1 Low Cost Epoch-by-Epoch Network Centric Positioning Unit (ENPU) for FCS Testing
  • FS D2.2 Testing of the GPS SAASM End-to-End Functionality on Operational Weapon Systems Without the Availability of Signal in Space
  • FS D2.4 A Successfully Implemented Coordinated Subsystem Reliability Growth Planning Approach
  • FS D2.5 Understanding the Combined Influence on Ownership Cost of Reliability, Maintainability, Component Packaging, Commonality, and Process Performance
  • FS D2.6 Using Mission Essential Task Lists as a Basis for Mission-Based Operational Test Planning
Test Technology
  • FS D3.1 Hazard Assessment of the SM-3 Block IA Missile
  • FS D3.2 The Four Element Framework: An Integrated Test & Evaluation Strategy
  • FS D3.3 Operability Testing for High Availability Systems
  • FS D3.5 746 Test Squadron Testing of the Latest Embedded GPS/INS (EGI) Hybrid Navigation System for the F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • FS D3.6 Qualification Testing of the EFSS 120mm Mortar Ammunition
  • FS D3.7 Operational Analysis of Modern Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) to Enhance System Sustainability


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Session E
Chair: Mr. William Yeakel

Advancing Survivability

A Concept for Suitability Assessment in Capabilities-Based T&E

Session F
Chair: Mr. Dick Dickson

Development, Test & Evaluation of Unmanned Ground Vehicles/Robots

  • VADM Joseph Dyer, USN (Ret), President and General Manager, iRobot Corporation

Industry Panel

  • Sustainability KPP: Industry Weighs in on Bidding for It and Building for It - Mr. Steve Zink, (For Mr. John Stoddart)

Past, Present & Future Trends in RM&A

Session G
Chair: Mr. Jack Sheehan

Coping with Reliability, Sustainability and Life Cycle Costs at DHS

DT&E Panel: Systems Engineering and DT&E for System Sustainability
Chair: Col Richard Stuckey, USAF, Principal Assistant Deputy Director for DT&E, OUSD (AT&L)/SSE

  • Dr. David Jerome, Deputy Director of Air, Space and Information Operations, AF Materiel Command
  • Mr. Ray Lytle, Director, Life Cycle Engineering, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Mr. Brian Simmons, Director, US Army Evaluation Center, Army Test & Evaluation Command

Session H
Concurrent Focus Sessions
Test Methodology

  • FS H4.1 Revisiting Quantitative Methods for Evaluating Training Programs for Systems Undergoing OT
  • FS H4.2 Producing Anywhere, Anytime Test, Evaluation and Diagnostics Capable Products to Eliminate the T&E Logistic Burden
  • FS H4.3 Ship Suitability Testing - Preparing for the Future
  • FS H4.4 Innovative Techniques to Solve Measurement and Detection Problems

Test Planning

  • FS H5.1 A Continuum of Testing for Military Systems
  • FS H5.2 CTEC (Collaborative Test & Evaluation Capability) and the Event Streaming Media System
  • FS H5.4 Estimating Durations and Trials to Success in Test Trial Programs

Technology to Reduce Life Cycle Cost

  • FS H6.1 T&E of Electromagnetic Railguns
  • FS H6.2 Cost Efficient Risk Management Through Integrated T&E Throughout the Systems Engineering Life-Cycle
  • FS H6.3 Sustainment of the Deployed Navy Munitions Inventory Through Continuous Quality Evaluation Test & Evaluation

Session I
Chair: Mr. Jack Sheehan

Suitability - At What Cost?

Service T&E Executives Speak
Chair: Mr. Walt Hollis, Former DUSA/OR

The Costs of Unsuitability and Benefits of Building in Reliability, Availability and Maintainability

Session J
Chair: Mr. William Yeakel

Reliability-Based Design, Development and Sustainment

Synthesis Panel**: Actions and Conference Takeaways
Chair: Dr. Ernest Seglie, Science Advisor, DOT&E

  • Mr. Tom Wissink
  • Ms. Diana Echols, Director of Customer Service Technology, Bell Helicopter Textron
  • NOTE: **The discussion of this panel on the overall thrust of the Conference will serve as the basis of a White Paper and an overview article to be published in NDIA's National Defense Magazine.