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44th Annual Armament Systems: Gun & Missile Systems Conference & Exhibition

"Shaping the Future in Weapon System Development, Deployment & Reset"

6 - 9 April 2009

Kansas City, MO


Monday, April 6, 2009

Training Session B


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keynote Addresses:

General Session - "Requirements and Program Trends"

  • Definition of CEP and the Warfighter Benefits of Precision, Mr. Jim Rodrigue, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Design Tools to Reduce Development and Deployment, Mr. Bernard Halls, MSAIC NATO
  • Demilitarization as a Systems Engineering Requirement, Mr. Gary Mescavage, U.S. Army ARDEC - Picatinny
  • Design for Demil Efforts at GD-OTS, Mr. David Grymonpre, General Dynamics - OTS
  • PEO-AMMO PD Non-standard Ammo Initiative, Mr. William Sanville

Emerging Technologies

  • Large Caliber Gun Assembly Safety Certification - US Approach, Mr. David Smith, U.S. Army RDECOM Benet Laboratories
  • Rarefaction Wave Gun Tank Main Armament Demonstrator, Mr. Erick Kathe, ARDEC Benet Labs
  • 7938 - Technology Innovations Realized in the M150/M151 Dismounted Fire Control System Development, Mr. Erick Kathe, U.S. Army ARDEC - Picatinny
  • 7772 - Development of a Projectile Muzzle Exit Sensor, Mr. Don Levin, Aberdeen Test Center
  • 7917 - Advances in High Performance, Non-Metallic Engineering Materials, Mr. Victor C.F. Hillyard, Ensinger, Inc

Emerging Technologies

  • Marine Corps Total Life Cycle Management Value Stream Deployment, Mr. Gale Heaivilin
  • 7885 - Novel Techniques for Improved Munitions Development, Mr. Gert J.H.G Scholtes, TNO Defence, Security and Safety
  • 7781 - High Density, Multi-Granulation, Propelling Charge Design, Mr. Robert Pulver, General Dynamics-OTS
  • 7782 - ECL® Propellant Demonstration of Extended Range in 120mm Mortar Combined with Ballistic and Chemical Stability Equals Win for the Warfighter, Mr. Howard Shimm, U.S. Army ARDEC - Picatinny
  • 7925 - Advanced Celluloid Technology for the 120mm Mortar Propelling Charges, Mr. Brian Talley, U.S. Army ARDEC - Picatinny
  • 7924 - Environmentally Friendly 120mm LED Tank Ammunition Tracer, Mr. John Kostka, U.S. Army ARDEC - Picatinny
  • 7858 - Highly Energetic Materials Incorporated into New Warhead Designs, Dr. Charles Kline, Kline Technical Consulting, LLC
  • 7784 - Processing of Aluminum-Based Nanothermites in a Circulating Mixer, Dr. Jacek Swiatkiewicz, Innovative Materials and Processes, LLC
  • 7759 - Gun Propellant For The 27mm Cal. Gun Eurofighter Jet, Mr. Dietmar Mueller, Fraunhofer Institut Chemische Technologies
  • 7783 - Improved LW30 Ammunition via Ballistic and Chemical Stability of ECL® Propellant and Improved Ignition System, Ms. Kelly Moran, Alliant Techsystems, Inc.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Emerging Technologies

  • 7819 - The Combustion Light Gas Gun - A Progress Update, Mr. David Kruczynski, UTRON, Inc.
  • 7972 - A New Method for Fabricating Copper Rotating Bands on Munitions, Mr. Michael Minnicino, Aberdeen Proving Ground


  • 7741 - Super 40mm High Explosive Air Burst - Shaping the Future, Mrs. Kara Sims, General Dynamics - OTS
  • 7742 - 30x113mm Target Practice Spotter Cartridge - Shaping the Future, Mr. Paul Reynolds, General Dynamics - OTS
  • 7743 - 30x113mm Programmable Air Burst Munitions - Shaping the Future, Mr. Paul Reynolds, General Dynamics - OTS
  • 7921 - HERO Compliant Electric Primer for Tank Ammunition, Mr. Jason Mishock, U.S. Army ARDEC - Picatinny
  • 7922 - Warhead Development for the Long Range Land Attack Projectile, Mr. Tyrus Burford, General Dynamics - OTS

Precision Weapons

  • 7713 - Issues to be Considered in Collateral Damage with Projectiles, Mr. Chris Geswender, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 7949 - Joint Development of a Non-Magnetic Azimuth Sensor for Dismounted Targeting Operations in All Environments, Ms. Kate Jones, NSWC/Dahlgren
  • 7856 - Control of a Fin Stabilized High Spinning Projectile, Mr. Rabin Shalil, MalaM, IAI, Israel
  • 7895 - BTERM II Projectile, Mr. Mike Lukas, Naval Surface Warfare Center/Dahlgren Division


  • 7754 - Reactive Material Ignition, Output & Explosive Neutralization Assessment, Mr. Steven Kim, NSWC Indian Head
  • 7863 - Consolidation of 105mm Artillery M67/M200 into Single Charge System, Ms. Kelly Moran, Alliant Techsystems, Inc.

Tactical Rockets & Missiles

  • 7946 - Adaptive Flight Control Surfaces: Revolutionizing Missile and Munition Flight Control Systems, Professor Ronald Barrett, University of Kansas, Aerospace Engineering Department
  • 7738 - IM Explosive for SMAW HEAA Warhead, Ms. Nancy Johnson, NSWC Indian Head
  • Rocket Trainer, Nammo Talley
  • AARGM, Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
  • 7919 - Development and Fielding of the Guided Multi-Launch Rocket System (GMRLS) Unitary Warhead, Ms. Renita Friese, General Dynamics - OTS
  • 7948 - Hovering Missiles: New Tools for Target ID, Interior Precision Strike, Friendly Fire Mitigations and Persistent Suppression, Professor Ronald Barrett, University of Kansas, Aerospace Engineering Department
  • 7943 - ETF (Electronics Test Fuze) - A Flight Platform for Test and Evaluation of Water Piercing Missile Launcher (WPML) Systems, Mr. Michael Irwin, NSWC/ Dahlgren

Platforms & Weapon Systems Integration


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Precision Weapons

  • 7876 - Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) System Development and Demonstration (SDD) Status Update, Mr. Doug Storsved, ATK Advanced Weapons
  • 7937 - Precision Urban Mortar Attack, Mr. Bryan Freeman, NSWC/Dahlgren
  • 7793 - Flight Control 81mm Mortar, Mr. Sanford Steelman, NSWC/Dahlgren

Platforms & Weapon Systems Integration

  • 7744 - Warship Upgrades to Utilize Modern Standard Missile, Mr. Newell "Butch" Young, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 7914 - Qualification Testing of High Rate of Fire Gun Systems, Mr. David Maher, General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products
  • 7961 - 40mm Cased Telescoped Weapon System Comes to Maturity Advancing the State of the Art, Mr. David Leslie, BAE Systems
  • 155mm Third Generation Maritime Fire Support (TMF), Mr. Rob McClure


  • 7839 - Driving Affordable Common Solutions with Mission Analysis, Mr. Andrew Hinsdale, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 8151 - 25mm Ammunition Development for the JSF, Mr. Martin van de Voorde, TNO Defence, Security and Safety
  • 7906 - Trajectory Matching Procedure/Practice for a Guided Projectile using MATLAB/Simulink, Ms. Yin Chen, U.S. Army ARDEC - Picatinny
  • 7970 - A Numerical Method to Predict the Spin Behavior of Despun Munitions, Mr. Michael Minnicino, Aberdeen Proving Grounds
  • 7745 - Evolving Artillery Operational Concepts from Guided Projectiles, Mr. Chris Geswender, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 7810 - Trajectory Simulation of the Ejected Vent Plugs during Premature Fuze Detonation of the 81mm, M879 Full Range Practice Mortar Cartridge, Mr. Seungeuk Han,, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC
  • 7912 - Modeling and Simulation Advances in Large Caliber Muzzle Brake Development, Mr. Daniel Cler, U.S. Army RDECOM/ARDEC/WSEC/Benet Laboratories
  • 7923 - Effectiveness of ABM, Mr. Pascal Paulissen, TNO Defence, Security and Safety
  • 7915 - A Different Approach to Determining Weapon System Caliber, Mr. Mohan Palathingal, U.S. Army ARDEC - Picatinny