26th Annual National Test & Evaluation Conference

"Defense Test & Evaluation in a Net-Centric World"

1 - 4 March 2010

San Diego, CA



Monday, March 1, 2010

Tutorial A: Session 1
Mission-Based Capability Assessment in Netcentric Systems of Systems (SOS)

Tutorial C: Session 1
Using Design of Experiments (DOE) to Transform a Test Organization


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keynote Address:

15,000 Networks, 5 Million Users: T&E Net Centric Challenges

  • Mr. John Illgen, Northrop Grumman Corporation; Chairman of the Board of Directors, NDIA

Session B: OTA Commanders' Roundtable

Luncheon and Special Guest Speaker:

  • Improving Processes and Policies For the Acquisition and Test of Information Technologies in DoD, Dr. H. Steven Kimmel, Senior Vice President, Alion Science and Technology Achieving Effective Acquisition of Information Technology in the Department of Defense

The DoD Acquisition/Test Process, What Went Wrong and How to Fix the Process; A Report on the Defense Science Board (DSB) Study of DT&E & A Perspective on the Remedies Needed to Improve DoD Acquisition

Network Innovation and Experimentation: A SOCOM Project Report

Session D: Net-Centric T&E

  • T&E for Agile Information Technologies, Dr. Steven Hutchison, DISA
  • Closing the Test and Evaluation Gap in a Net-Centric Future, Mr. Gary Downs, Lockheed Martin
  • A Tool for Making T&E Itself Net-Centric, Mr. Alan Thomas, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren
  • Testing & Evaluating the Net-Ready Key Performance Parameter (KPP), Ms. Danielle Koester, JITC, Huachuca

Session E: T&E of Chemical/Biological Systems

  • Systematic Approach to Identifying and Testing Individual Respiratory Protection Against Toxic Industrial Chemicals, Dr. Karen McGrady, Joint Program Manager for Individual Protection
  • The Army Health Hazard Assessment Program's Medical Cost Avoidance Model, Dr. Timothy A. Kluchinsky, USAPHC (Provisionsal)
  • Naval Research Laboratory Industrial Chemical Analysis, Dr. Thomas Sutto, NRL
  • Test Methodology Development for Individual Respiratory Protection Against VXMs., Ms. Chris Susman, SURVICE Engineering
  • The Challenge of Fielding a System Across Services and PEOs, Ms. Debbie Singleton, JPM for Individual Protection

Session F: Applications of Design of Experiments (DOE) and Six Sigma in T&E

  • Incorporating DoE and Test-Execution Lessons-Learned to Increase T&E Credibility, Ms. Nancy Dunn, ATEC/AEC
  • Optimal Verification Testing with Graphical Effects Analysis, Mr. Mark Anderson, Stat-Ease
  • Using Cost and Schedule Estimates Guided by Design of Experiments Process to Plan Schedule-Optimal or Cost-Optimal Test Designs for Integrated Development Testing and Operational Testing, E. Andrew Long, DOT&E
  • Use of Design of Experiments to Determine the Critical Technical Parameters and Evaluation Framework in a T&E Strategy, Mr. Mick Quintrall, Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc.
  • Comparison of Prediction Accuracy of Surrogate Models Developed Using Nested Latin Hypercube Designs – "How Many Simulation Experiments Do I Need to Run?", Dr. Tom Donnelly, SAS Institute

Session G: Test & Evaluation for Lethality and Survivability Assessment

  • Integrated Survivability Assessment (ISA): Bridging DT&E, LFT&E and OT&E, Mr. David Hall, SURVICE Engineering
  • Mine Blast Analysis Tool for Rigid Body Response: A Quick, Reliable Predictive Methodology to Estimate Relative Acceleration Environments Experienced by Crewmembers in Specific Mine Scenarios, Ms. Katie Hill, SURVICE Engineering
  • A Method to Assess Survivability, Lethality and Vulnerability in a System of Systems, Dr. Jeffrey Smith, ARL, WSMR
  • A Process for Identifying Vulnerable Components Based on Impact to Mission Degradation, Mr. Kevin Agan, ARL, SLAD


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act and DT&E Within the Department of Defense

T&E and Its Role in 5000.02: How T&E Can Become a Program Lifecycle Skill

Erasing the Line With Title 10: Best Practices in Integrated Testing

Integrated Test and Independent Evaluation (IT&EI) Using Design of Experiments (DOE) Methodologies: Early Planning For DT Exit Criteria That Mirrors OT Entrance Criteria

Session I: T&E Policy & Studies Continued
Chair: Dr. H. Steven Kimmel, Senior Vice President, Alion Science and Technology

Session J: Systems Engineering Considerations in Practicing Test and Evaluation

  • Mr. Stephen Welby, Director, Systems Engineering, DDR&E, OSD
  • Col Shawn Shanley, USAF, Chief Systems Engineer, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Science, Technology, and Engineering (SAF/AQR)

Session K: Test and Evaluation Architecture & Facilities

  • Accelerating Technology Maturity via Rapid Debug and Redeployment, Mr. Redge Bartholomew, Rockwell Collins
  • Whitfill Central Technical Support Facility (CTSF) Conducts System of System (SoS) Tests in a Net-Centric Environment Achieving Interoperability for the Army, Ms. Madeline Wright, CTSF, Ft. Hood
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Implications to Integrated End-to-End Testing, Mr. Brian Eleazer, SCRA
  • Lessons Learned from Army Interoperability Certification Testing, Mr. Robert Boerjan, CTSF, Ft. Hood
  • The "Eglin IV": Metrics of a Well-Designed Experiment, Mr. Gregory T. Hutto, 46 Test Wing, Eglin AFB

Session L: T&E of Systems of Systems

  • A Case Study of Successful T&E in a Complex System of Systems Environment, Mr. Edwin McDermott, Hanscom, AFB
  • Measuring System Contributions to System of Systems with Joint Mission Threads, Mr. Mark Fiebrandt, SRC
  • Combat Effectiveness Testing of System of Systems in the Face of Cyber Threat, Mr. Jonathon Payne, JFCOM, IO Range
  • An Approach to Service Level System of Systems Assessment (CTSF), Mr. David McClung, CTSF, Ft. Hood
  • C-RAM Conducts True System of Systems Testing and Evaluation, Mr. James Bloodsworth, US Army Aviation & Missile Research Development & Engineering Center

Session M: Role of Modeling and Simulation in T&E

  • Validating M&S with T&EData: Pitfalls, Problems and Potential Solutions, Mr. David Hall, SURVICE Engineering
  • Defense Information Technology: An Integrated Model, Dr. Robert Berger, DDL Omni, Inc
  • NDIA Software T&E Summit/Workshop Results, Mr. Tom Wissink, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • The Application of Synthetic Natural Environments for Modeling and Simulation Support of Testing Net-Centric Federations, Mr. Michael Leite, SAIC
  • Change is Good!…and other mantras to live by! Making Process Improvement Work for You, Ms. Coleen Crouch, Central Technical Support Facility

Session N: Integrated Test and Evaluation

  • Performance Engineering Initiatives for Early System Test of High Availability Systems, Mr. Edward Beck, Mission Solutions Engineering, LLC (MSE LLC)
  • Integrated Testing Implementation Guidance, Dr. Suzanne Beers, The MITRE Corporation
  • Early Development Testing for Rapid Acquisition, Col Robert Mattes, USAF (Ret), Foxhole Technology, Inc.
  • Some Operational Research Issues in System Testing, Dr. Donald Gaver, Naval Postgraduate School


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Challenges of Systems of Systems Testing, A Reality Check: The FCS Program

When Robots Talk on the Net, What Will They Say?

  • VADM Joe Dyer, USN (Ret), President, iRobot Corporation; Chairman NDIA Robotics Division

NDIA ICOTE Annual Report

  • Mr. Larry Graviss, NDIA Industrial Committee on Operational Test & Evaluation (ICOTE)

Mission-Based Test and Evaluation Strategy: Progress Towards Uniting Combat Developer, Materiel Developer and T&E