58th Annual Fuze Conference

"Fuzing In A Challenging Environment"

7 - 9 July 2015

Baltimore, MD


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Session II - U.S. Government Science, Technology & Acquisition

Army S&T Strategy

  • Phil Gorman, Competency Manager, Fuze Div., FPAT, METC, ARDEC, Fuze Division
  • Gene Henderson, Aviation & Missile Research, Development & Engineering Center

Navy S&T Strategy

  • Dr. Michael Deeds, Fuze and Initiation Branch Head, Naval Surface Warfare Center IHEODTD

Joint Fuze Technology Program (JFTP)

US and NATO Fuzing Related Standards


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Session IIIA

  • 17638 - Long-Term Data Retention of Flash Cells Used in Critical Applications, Keith Bergevin, Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA)
  • 17753 - Target Characterization Testing, John Gautz, Electronics Development Corp.
  • 17723 - Planned Obsolescence of Electronic Fuzes, David Pernas, Stragitech Labs, Inc.
  • 17707 - A Low Voltage Command - Arm System for Distributed Fuzing, Mark E Etheridge, US Army AMRDEC
  • 17747 - Evaluation of a Novel Mounting Method for Surface Mount Capacitors, Shane Curtis, Sandia National Labs
  • 17700 - LEEFI Plasma Firing Currents, Causes, Consequences and Cures, Thomas M Nickolin, Weacomm, Inc.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Session IVA

  • 17701 - Lead is Dead, Harald Wich, Diehl & Eagle Picher
  • 17724 - A New Commercial Fuze Family Fulfilling Modern Safety and Reliability Requirements for 40mm Grenades, Robert Huettner, Rheinmetall Defence
  • 17755 - A Robust Methodology for Calculating MILDTL-23659 Fireset Compliance, Dr. Glen A Kading, Excelitas Technologies Corporation
  • 17743 - Development of the MCEFI, Gert H Scholtes, TNO
  • Pulse Test of Firing Capacitor Characteristics - Fred Piering, Weacomm, Inc.
  • 17582 - Distributed Ignition Safety Device for a Divert and Control System, Joseph E. Carvalho, Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company
  • 17583 - SENS, A Miniaturized High-g Sensing Data Recorder, Manuel Fritz, MBDA TDW GmbH
  • 17722 - Characterizing Detonator Performance in Dynamic Witness Plates, Dr. Michael J. Murphy, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Session VA

  • 17732 - Proximity Sensor Technologies - Application to New Munitions, Max Perrin, JUNGHANS Defence
  • 17752 - Target Scene Generator, Don Atkins, Electronics Development Corp.
  • 17731 - Kaman MEMS Based Fuzing Technology, Robert Renz, Kaman Precision Products
  • 17769 - DoD MEMS Fuze Reliability Evaluation, Daniel Lanterman, NSWC IHEODTD
  • 17715 - Nano Second Behavioral of Exploding Bridge Wire (EBW) using Ultra High Speed Imaging Technology, Dr. Muthurajan Harries, Energetics Research Institute
  • 17726 - High Shock Testing Capabilities and Instrumentation Strategies, Christian Euba, TDW (MBDA)
  • 17756 - A Synchronous Addressed Communications Method for Coordinating Multiple Output and Effects in Fuzing Systems, Steven P Cornett, Excelitas Technologies Corp.
  • 17757 - Apex Sensing Using COTS Motion Processor Units, Robert N. Johnson, Electronics Development Corp
  • 17740 - Designing for Challenging Environments - Getting it Right the First Time, Stephen Redington PE, US Army ARDEC