4 - 7 May 2009

New Orleans, LA

USMC Organizations Involved in Research and Acquisition

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcoming Remarks:

  • Matt Kallmyer, Deputy Director, New Orleans Office Of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness

Luncheon Speaker:

Primary Batteries

  • 8461 - Development of a Half-Sized BA-5590 with Li/CFx Cells, Dr. Gregg C. Bruce, EaglePicher Technologies
  • 8472 - High Capacity Li/CFx battery with -70C to 145C Operational Range, Dr. Hisashi Tsukamoto, PhD, CEO/CTO Quallion, LLC

Fuel Cells I

  • 8288 - Joint Defense Manufacturing Technology Panel (JDMTP) Power Sources Technical Working Group (TWG) Fuel Cell Roadmap, Mr. Francis P. Sokolowski, Industrial Engineer, DCMA
  • 8372 - U.S. Army CERDEC's Soldier and man Portable Fuel Cell Evaluation and Field Testing, Mr. Michael Dominick, US Army CERDEC, Army Power Division, Fuel Cell Development Team
  • 8368 - Lessons Learned from the Defense Logistics Agency's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Demonstration Project at Defense Depot Susquehanna, PA (DDSP), Mr. Kenneth Burt, NSWC Crane Division

Rechargeable Batteries

  • 8376 - Advanced Lithium Power Sources - Real World Experiences and Next Steps, Mr. Jim Hess, Director of Defense Sales, SAFT America
  • 7770 - Battery Requirements for Application of Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer To Achieve Standardization and Improved Reliability, Mr. William R. Johnson, Manager AIR- Electrical Power.
  • 8474 - Quallion Large Battery Pack Technology, Dr. Hisashi Tsukamoto, PhD, CEO/CTO Quallion, LLC

Fuel Cells II

  • 8312 - Direct Methanol fuel Cells: Lightweight, Portable Power for Soldiers in the Field, Mr. Christian Boehm, Director, Defense Division Smart Fuel Cell AG & Inc
  • 8484 - Development of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Utilizing Logistics Fuels, Dr. Neil Fernandes, Acumentrics
  • GEI MX5 High-Temperature PEM Fuel Cells Military Applications, K.J. Berry, Ph.D, P.E., President and CEO, Global Energy Innovations

Cross-Cutting Power

  • 8463 - Integrated Starter Generator - More than a 24V Vehicle Power Supply, Mr. Thomas Trzaska, L3 Communications
  • 8488 - The Role of Solid State Power Controllers in Smart Power Management and Distribution, Mr. William Thorp, Senior Electrical Engineer, Data Device Corporation
  • 8442 - Waste Gasification by the Use of Novel Plasma System, Mr. Rod B. Vera, Plasma Waste Cycling


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Luncheon Speaker:

  • An Exploration of Threats, Solutions and Alternative Futures, (paper) Mr. Larry C. Triola, Energy and National Security

Mobile Electric Power

  • 8377 - Mobile Electric Power for Today and Tomorrow, Mr. Michael C. Padden, Project Manager Mobile Electric Power (PM MEP)

USMC Way Forward

  • 7990 - USMC Future Energy Posture, Mr. Michael Boyd
  • 7989 - USMC Power and Energy Future Focus, Mr. Mike Gallagher, Program Manager - Expeditionary Power Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • 8308 - USMC Portable Power R&D Effort, Mr. Clint J. Govar, Power Systems Engineer, Marine Corps Systems

Large Scale Power

  • 8503 - Army Large Scale Power, Mr. Kevin Sargent, U.S. Army Maneuver and Support Center (MANSCEN), Capabilities Determination and Integration Division, Combat Developer - Prime Power Requirements
  • 8411 - Enterprise Power Selection, Mr. Vincent Polino, NOVA Power Solutions, Inc
  • 8493 - Power Conversion Technologies for Improved System Performance, Kaz Furmanczyk, Crane Aerospace & Electronics

Future Focus ON Power

  • 8307 - Future Naval Capability Update: Advanced Power Generation, Mr. Clint J. Govar, Power Systems Engineer, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • 8448 - USN Maritime Surveillance Power Requirements for Future Deployable Systems, Mr. Jeffrey Lloyd, SPAWAR Systems Center - Pacific
  • 8412 - NDIA Military Power Sources Committee, Ms. Rebecca Morris, ACI Technologies

On-Board Vehicle Power I

  • 8378 - USMC On-Board Vehicle Power Requirements and Programs, Mr. Jonathan Carpenter, P.E. Lead Engineer, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • 8352 - OBVP from Legacy to Next Generation, Dr. Brent Brzezinski, DRS Test & Energy Management
  • 8391 - MTV Onboard Vehicle Power-Program Update, Mr. Nader Nasr, Oshkosh Corporation


  • 8502 - When Batteries Go Bad, Ms. Julie Banner, Systems & Materials for Power & Protection Branch, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
  • 8475 - Critical Power Needs for Life and Safety, Dr. Joseph G. Palsa, P.E., Clary Corporation
  • 8482 - Ni-Cd Battery Separator System that Improves Battery Reliability and Increases Charge Stability by Orders of Magnitude at Little or No Cost Increase, Mr. Baird C. Newman, Mechanical Engineer, Crane Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center


  • 8470 - Improved Battery/Power Connectors for Aircraft and other High Current Applications, Mr. Nate Bower

Vehicle Battery Maintenance

  • 8321 - Battery Maintenance and Sustainment, Mr. Mark D. Abelson, PulseTech Products Corporation
  • 8365 - Power for Vehicle and Battery-Operated Weapon Systems, Mr. Micheal J. Bissonnette, Team Lead/L-3 Communications Support Expeditionary Power Systems, Marine Corps Systems Command

Portable Support Equipment

  • 8483 - A Field-Portable Lithium Ion Battery Charger with UPS Back-up Capability, Mr. Neil Steven Graves, Acumentrics
  • 8394 - Kestrel - Falcon III Radio Power Adapter/Charger (AN/PRC-117G), Mr. Edward J. O'Rourke, Iris Technology Corporation


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Power Distribution I

  • 8382 - Intelligent Power Management & Distribution, Ms. Michelle N. Gaffney, CERDEC
  • 7934 - Micro Grids: Harnessing & Managing Multiple Energy Resources, Mr. Tom Lederle, NEST Energy Services
  • 8458 - Micro Grid Development for the Tactical Operation Center, Ms. Teri Hall, Electrical Engineering Staff, Lockheed Martin

On-Board Vehicle Power II

  • 8384 - High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell/Lithium Ion Hybrid Power Source for Ground, Air and Sea, Mr. Michel Fuchs, EnerFuel
  • 8364 - Power and Energy Management for Heavy Tactical Vehicles, Mr. Chris M. Rogan, P.E., Penn State ARL
  • 8399 - Auxiliary Power Unit for Military Vehicles, Mr. Jeffrey S. Humble


  • 7933 - Mobilizing Renewable Energy for Field Applications, Mr. Tom Lederle, NEST Energy Services
  • 8358 - Hybrid Power Systems for Mission Critical Enterprise Land Mobile, Mr. Mark H. Viness, E.I. T, Motorola National Site Design and Integration Team
  • 8393 - StarPower Technology - Solar Charging, Power Management and Distribution, Mr. Edward J. O'Rourke, Iris Technology Corporation
  • Renewable Power in OIF, Mr. Daryl Wilson, Former Expeditionary Power Systems FSR in Iraq, L-3 Communications

Power Distribution II

  • 8392 - QP-1800 Inverter System - USMC Workhorse, Mr. Edward J. O'Rourke, Iris Technology Corporation
    • QP-1800 Transportation Testing .wmv (Video)
    • QP-1800 Testing .wmv (Video)
  • 8386 - 30 kW Exportable Power System for Military Tactical Vehicles, Ms. Jennifer L. Grudnoski, GS Engineering
  • 7764 - Maximizing Power Production from the Stock, Belt-Driven Alternator Using a Practical Constant Speed Drive, Mr. Scott McBroom
    • CVAD on FMTV at BAE .wmv (Video)

On-Board Vehicle II

  • 8362 - Alternative Squad Power: Taking Advantage of Solar, Fuel Cell and Scavenged Power at the Squad Level, Mr. Greg Cipriano, VP, Marketing & Military Development, Protonex


  • 8381 - System Consideration When Integrating New Battery Technologies into the XM1124 Hybrid Electric HMMWV, Dr. Michael J. Marcel, DRS Test and Energy Management
  • 8385 - A Mobile Hybrid Power Source with Intelligent Control, Mr. Rick Silva, Sr. System Engineer, Custom Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc
  • 8371 - New Application of Lithium-Ion Battery in Hybrid Power Supply System, Mr. Takefumi Inoue, GS Yuasa Corporation