8th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

"Focusing on Mission Areas, Net-Centric Operations & Supportability of Defense Systems"

24 - 27 October 2005

San Diego, CAv

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Open Remarks:

  • Mr. Bob Rassa, Director, Systems Supportability, Raytheon; Chair, Systems Engineering Division, NDIA

Keynote Address:

  • Mr. John Landon, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (NII), C3ISR & IT Acquisition

Plenary Session - Revitalization of Systems Engineering Within DoD

  • State of Systems Engineering within DoDs, Mr. Mark D. Schaeffer, Deputy Director, Systems Engineering, OUSD (AT&L)
  • USAF Systems Engineering Initiatives, Mr. Terry Jaggers, SAF/AQR (Science & Technology & Engineering)
  • System Engineering Re-vitalization within DoN Status, Mr. Carl Siel, ASN(RDA) Chief Engineer
  • Army SE Overview, Mr. Douglas K. Wiltsie, Assistant Deputy, Acquisition and Systems Management, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Acquisition Logistics and Technology
  • Implementation of ESE/A, Mr. Kelly A. Miller, NSA/CSS CSE

Luncheon Keynote Speaker:

  • Mr. Gregory Shelton, Corporate Vice President, Engineering, Technology, Manufacturing and Quality, Raytheon Company

Tracks 1 & 2 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness

  • Technical Planning for Acquisition Programs: An OSD Perspective, Col Warren Anderson, OUSD (AT&L) Defense Systems
  • Implementation of Policy Requiring Systems Engineering Plans for Air Force Programs Results and Implications, Mr. Kevin Kemper, Air Force Materiel Command
  • Systems Engineering Revitalization at SPAWAR Systems Center Charleston, Mr. Michael T. Kutch, Jr., SPAWAR Systems Center
  • Systems Engineering for Software Assurance, Ms. Kristen Baldwin, OUSD (AT&L) Defense Systems
  • Revitalization of Systems Engineering: Past, Present and Future, Ms. Karen B. Bausman, Air Force Center for Systems Engineering
  • Enabling Technology Readiness Assessments (TRAs) with Systems Engineering, Dr. Jay Mandelbaum, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • A Taxonomy of Operational Risks, Mr. Brian Gallagher, Software Engineering Institute
  • A Method for Reasoning About an Acquisition Strategy, Mr. Joseph Elm, Software Engineerin Institute
  • WBS-Based Approach to Understanding and Predicting Program Risk, Bruce M. Heim, DCMA, Boeing Long Beach
  • Program Support: Perspectives on Technical Planning and Execution, Mr. Dave Castellano, OUSD (AT&L) Systems Engineering

Track 3 - Test & Evaluation in Systems Engineering

  • Interweaving Test and Evaluation Throughout the Systems Engineering Process - (Presentation) and (Paper), Mr. Josh Tribble, AVW Technologies

Track 4 - Net Centric Operations

  • Net-Centricity & Net-Ready - Beyond Technical Interoperability & C4ISR, Mr. Jack Zavin, ASD(NII), DoD CIO/A&I Directorate
  • A Strategy for Managing Development and Certification of Net-Centric Services within the Global Information Grid, Mr. Bernal Allen, DISA, GE 4
  • Next Generation Enterprise Information Management Appliances, Mr. Michael Lindow, The MITRE Corp.

Track 5 - Logistics

  • Logistics Transforming: Achieving Knowledge-Enabled Logistics, Mr. Jerry Beck, OSD Office of ADUSD(LPP)
  • Condition Based Logistics, Mr. Ron Wagner, CoBaLt Technology
  • System Supportability and Life Cycle Product Support: A Systems Perspective, Dinesh Verma, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • The Management of Logistics in Large Scale Inventory Systems to Support Weapon System Maintenance, Mr. Eugene A. Beardslee, SAIC

Track 7 - Systems Safety

  • System Safety in Systems Engineering DAU Continuous Learning Module, Ms. Amanda Zarecky, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Enabling System Safety Through Technical Excellence, Col Warren Anderson, OUSD (AT&L) Defense Systems
  • Applying CMMI to System Safety, Mr. Tom Pfitzer, APT Research, Inc.
  • System Safety Engineering: An Overview for Engineers and Managers, Mr. Pat L. Clemens, APT Research, Inc.
  • Using MIL-STD-882D to Integrate ESOH into SE, Mr. Sherman G. Forbes, USAF - SAF/AQRE

Track 8 - Software Supportability

  • The Proper Specification of Requirements, Mr. Al Florence, The MITRE Corporation
  • C-17 Software Development Process, John R. Allen, The Boeing Company 4
  • Successful Verification and Validation Based on the CMMI Model, Mr. Tim Olson, Quality Improvement Consultants, Inc.
  • "Automated Software Testing Increases Test Quality and Coverage Resulting in Improved Software Reliability", Mr. Frank Salvatore, High Performance Technologies, Inc.
  • Software Supportability: A Software Engineering Perspective, Ms. Stephany Bellomo, SAIC


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tracks 1, 2 & 3 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness

  • Decision Analysis and Resolution, Mr Robert Trifiletti, Jr., US Army ARDEC
  • Defining System Development Lifecycles to Plan and Manage Projects Effectively, Mr. Bruce A. Boyd, The Boeing Company
  • Systems Engineering, Program Management conjoined Disciplines over the Project Life Cycle, Mr. William Lyders, ASSETT, Inc.
  • Tailoring USAF Systems Engineering for the Life Cycle: One Shape, Multiple Dimensions, Mr. Jeff Loren, MTC Technologies, Inc. (SAF/AQRE)
  • Architecture-Based Systems Engineering and Integration, Dr. Rick Habayeb, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
  • A Complementary Approach to Enterprise Systems Engineering, Dr. Brian White, The MITRE Corporation
  • Implementing Systems Engineering Processes to Balance Cost and Technical Performance, Dr. Mary Anne Herndon, Transdyne Corporation
  • Program Support: Perspectives on Technical Planning and Execution, Mr. Dave Castellano, OUSD (AT&L) Systems Engineering
  • Application of Risk Management in a Net-Centric Environment, Ms. Rebecca M. Cowen-Hirsch, DISA
  • Requirements Management Tips and Tricks, Mr. Frank Salvatore, High Performance Technologies, Inc.
  • Engineering and Implementing Raytheon Missile Systems Engineering Design to Cost Metric - (Presentation) and (Paper), Mr. Edward Casey, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • System Engineering Metrics, Mr. James Miller, Air Foce Materiel Command
  • Technical Performance Measures, Mr. Jim Oakes, BAE Systems
  • TurboTax® for Systems Engineering, Michael T. Kutch, Jr., SPAWAR
  • A Practical Application of A Practical Application of the Non-Advocate Review, Mr. Bruce Nishime, The Boeing Company
  • Systems Engineering and the Software Laws of Thermodynamics, Dr. Thomas F. Christian Jr., 402 SMXG
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Survivability Influence on System Life Cycle Cost, Mr. Chuck Pedriani, SURVICE Engineering
  • Effective SE Metrics Tailored to the Acquisition Life Cycle, Ms. Laura Trioilia, US Army ARDEC
  • Innovative Procurement Strategies, Mr. David Eiband, Defense Acquisition University
  • Next Generation Combat Systems - An Overview of Key Development Concepts, Mr. Matthew Montoya, The JHU Applied Physics Laboratory Mr. Edward Casey, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Converting High-Level Systems Engineering Policy to a Workable Program, Mr. James Miller, Air Force Materiel Command
  • AFRL Systems Engineering Initiative - Risk Managment for Science and Technology, Mr. William Nolte, USAF-AFRL
  • System Engineered Research and Development Magement, Dr. Steven Ligon, SAIC
  • The Return of Discipline, Ms. Jacqueline Townsend, Air Force Materiel Command

Track 4 - Net Centric Operations

  • Testing Net-Centric Systems of Systems: Applying Lessons Learned from Distributed Simulation, Mr. Doug Flournoy, The MITRE Corp.
  • A Multi-Mission Network Centric Warfare Platform, Peder Jungck, CloudSheild Technologies
  • Challenges Challenges in Development of System of Systems (SoS) Architectures in a Net Centric Environment, Dr. Abraham Meilich, Lockheed Martin
  • Matrix Mapping Tool (MMT), Dr. Judith Dahmann, AT&L/DS MITRE

Track 5 - Logistics

  • Defense Logistics as Chaos Theory, Mr. John Sells, Tobyhanna Army Depot
  • Process for Evaluating LogisticProcess for Evaluating Logistics Readiness Levels (LRLs) for Acquisition Systems, Ms. Elizabeth Broadus, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.
  • The Management of Logistics in Large Scale Inventory Systems to Support Weapon System Maintenance, Mr. Eugene A. Beardslee, SAIC
  • System of Systems Analysis of Future Combat Systems Sustainment Requirements, Mr. Ivan W. Wolnek, The Boeing Company
  • Readiness & Supportability Program Readiness & Supportability Programs, Mr. Robert M. Cranwell, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
  • Data Management in a Performance Based Logistics Environment, Denise Duncan, LMI

Track 5 - Best Practices & Standardization

Track 6 - Modeling & Simulation

  • Improving M&S Support to Acquisition: A Progress Report on Development of the Acquisition M&S Master Plan, Mr. Jim Hollenbach, Simulation Strategies, Inc.
  • Next Generation Manufacturing Technology Initiative and the Model - Based Enterprise, Mr. Richard Neal, IMTI
  • Problem Space Modeling: A Dynamic Future for Requirements Analysis, Mr. Jeffrey O. Grady, JOG System Engineering, Inc.
  • Systems Modeling Language Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Overview & Update, Rick Steiner, Raytheon Company
  • Data Management Support for Modeling and Simulation, Mr. Denise Duncan, LMI
  • Digital Data Management an Update, Ms. Cynthia C. Hauer, Millennium Data Management, Inc.
  • The Use of Simulation in the Management of Logistics in Large Scale Inventory Systems to Support Weapon System Maintenance, Mr. Eugene A. Beardslee, SAIC

Track 7 - System Safety

  • Mission Sustainment Through Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) Risk Management, Ms. Trish Huheey, ODUSD (I&E)
  • Lessons Learned with the Application of MIL-STD-882D at the Weapon System Explosives Safety Review Board, Ms. Mary Ellen Caro, Ordnance Safety & Security Activity
  • Industry Perspectives and Identified Barriers to the Use of MIL-STD-882D for Integrating ESOH Considerations into Systems, Mr. Jon Derickson, BAE Systems
  • System Safety in Systems Engineering Process, Dr. Ray C. Terry, SURVICE Engineering Company
  • Enabling Army Level Risk Mitigation, >Mr. Bill Edmonds, US Army Combat Readiness Center
  • Evolution of MIL-STD-882E, Mr. Robert McAllister, US Air Force Materiel Command
  • Integrating MIL-STD-882 System Safety Products into the Concurrent Engineering Approach to System Design, Build, Test, and Delivery of Submarine Systems At Electric Boat, Mr. Ricky Milnarik, General Dynamics

Track 8 - Legacy Systems Sustainment

  • Sustaining Software-Intensive Systems - A Conundrum, Ms. Mary Ann Lapham, Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute
  • Algorithm Description Documentation and Validation Process, Mr. Mike Bailey, Raytheon Company
  • ATSRAC: Background, Results and Future Impact on the Aviation Industry, Mr. Kent V. Hollinger, The MITRE Corp.
  • Jammer Integration Roadmap, Mr. Adam McCorkle, GTRI
  • Open Systems Architecture (OSA) and Standard Interfaces as Mission Capability Enablers, William H. Mish, Jr., AMSEC
  • Naval Air Systems Command Integrated In-Service Reliability Program (IISRP), Mr. Les Wetherington, Integrated In-Service Reliability Program (IISRP)


Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tracks 1, 2 & 3 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness

  • Effective Implementation of Systems Engineering at theAeronautical Systems Center: A Systems Engineering Tool Set, Mr. Edward J. Kunay, Aeronautical Systems Center
  • Are New Acquisition Programs Taking Longer to Develop / Field and, if so, Why? Dr. Dennis Strouble, Air Force Institute of Technology
  • System Engineering Cost Collection Codes at Raytheon SAS, Mr. Thomas R. Cowles, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
  • Surveying Systems Engineering Effectiveness, Mr. Joseph P. Elm, Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute
  • Integrated Survivability Assessment (ISA) in the Systems Engineering Process, Mr. David H. Hall, SURVICE Engineering Company
  • A Systems Approach to Accelerating Testing, a Case Study, Douglas Chojecki, Stewart & Stevenson Tactical Vehicle Systems (TVS)
  • Applying the Systems Engineering Method for the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS), Mr. Chris Ryder, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • Systems Engineering to Enable Capabilities Based Planning, Ms. Kristen Baldwin, OUSD (AT&L) Systems Engineering
  • 10 Golden Questions for Concept Exploration & Development - (Presentation) and (Paper), Dr. Dan C. Surber, CSEP
  • The C-17 Systems Engineering Journey, Mr. Kenneth Sanger, The Boeing Company
  • X-47, J-UCAS Overview, Mr. Rick Ludwig, Northrop Grumman Corp.
  • A Systems Architectural Model for Man-Packable/Operable ISR Mini/Micro Aerial Vehicles, Maj Joerg Walter, Air Force Institute of Technology

Track 4 - Net Centric Operations/System Safety

  • Distributed Net-Centric Interoperability Certification Testing, Mr. Ric Harrison, DISA
  • Profiling and Testing Procedures for a Net-Centric Data Provider - (Presentation) and (Paper), Mr. Derik Pack, SPAWAR Systems Center
  • Joint Integrated BMC4I: The Intermediate Control Station Concept, Billy W. Bradley, Jr., Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems

Track 5 - Best Practices & Standardization

  • Process Architecture and Criteria for Lessons Learned (LL), Mr. Thomas R. Cowles, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems
  • Successful Strategies to Improve Your Requirements, Mr. Tim Olson, Quality Improvement Consultants, Inc.
  • Mature and Secure: Creating a CMMI® and ISO/IEC 21827 Compliant Process Improvement Program, Mr. Michele Moss, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Performance-Based Earned Value, Mr. Paul J. Solomon, Performance-Based Earned Value
  • Contrasting CMMI and the PMBOK, Ms. Sandy Thrasher, Anteon Corporation

Track 6 - Modeling & Simulation

  • State Machine Modeling of TPED and TPPU, Mr. Rick Sorensen, Vitech Corp.
  • Systems Engineering Approach to Analyze and Model the Performance of Containerized Shipping and Its Interdependencies with the United States Critical Infrastructure, Ms. Susan Vandiver, Southern Methodist University
  • Using Commercial Simulation Software Using Commercial Simulation Software to Model Linear and Non-Liner Processes: US Military Academy Reception-Day Simulation and Optimization, LTC Simon R. Goerger, Department of Systems Engineering
  • Science-Based Modeling and Simulation on DoD High Performance Computers, Dr. Larry Davis, High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Track 7 - Education & Training

  • Educating Future Systems EngineersEducating Future Systems Engineers: US Military Academy Reception-Day Simulation and Optimization, LTC Simon R. Goerger, Department of Systems Engineering
  • Supporting Systems Engineering Through Education and Training, Ms. Cynthia C. Hauer, Millennium Data Management, Inc.
  • Training Your Systems Engineering Workforce, Mr. Michael T. Kutch, Jr., SPAWAR
  • The Performance Learning Model an Architecture to Enhance Systems Engineering Practitioner Learning, Mr. Steve Parker, Defense Acquisition University
  • Filling the Expertise Gap, LtCol Brad Smith, Air Armament Center

Track 8 - Net Centric Operations

  • The Role of the Operator and System Engineer in the Force Modernization Environment, Mr. Tom Nelson, Jacobs Sverdrup
  • Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, Ms. Sandra Fenwick, USMC DRPM AAA
  • Delivering Effective Solutions in the Age of Open Source Technology, Mr. Edward Beck, Computer Sciences Corporation
  • ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and MIL-STD-882D and SE, Mr. Ken Dormer, SAF/AQR (Science & Technology & Engineering)
  • Enabling Plug & Fight Capability through Secured Integrated Networks of Modular, Service Oriented and Open Architectures (Plug & Fight Architectures), Mr. Cyrus Azani, OSJTF/NGC

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