13th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

"Achieving Acquisition Excellence Via Effective Systems Engineering"

25 - 28 October 2010

San Diego, CA


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Introduction & Opening Remarks:

  • Mr. Bob Rassa, Director, Engineering Programs, Space & Airborne Systems, Raytheon Company; Chair, Systems Engineering Division, NDIA

Keynote Address:

  • Lt Gen Richard Scofield, USAF (Ret), former Commander, Aeronautical Systems Center and Wright Patterson Air Force Base

Plenary Session 1: Chief Systems Engineers Panel - "Engineering Complex Systems of the Future"
Moderator: Mr. James Thompson, Director, Major Program Support, Systems Engineering Directorate, Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering

  • Mr. Terry Edwards, Office of the Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology
  • Mr. Ricardo Cabrera, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition
  • Col Shawn Shanley, USAF, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science, Technology, and Engineering

Lunch Speaker:

  • Mr. Stephen Welby, Director, Systems Engineering, Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Concurrent Sessions

Track 1 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness - Bayview I

  • 10912 - Systems Engineering Policy and Guidance Implementation of the Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) of 2009-One Year Later, Ms. Sharon Vannucci, ODDR&E/SE
  • 11003 - GAO Observations on DoD Implementation of the 2009 WSARA, Mrs. Cheryl Andrew, U.S. Government Accountability Office
  • 10951 - DoD Synergy with International Standards, Dr. Karen J. Richter, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • 10853 - Value of Systems Engineering, Ms. Kerri Polidore, ARDEC
  • 11087 - Improvement Initiatives at C-17, Mr. Sivam Paramanathan, The Boeing Company
  • 11106 - Practical Agile Requirements Engineering, Mr. Philip Matuzic, The Boeing Company
  • 10773 - NDIA Top 5 Software and Systems Engineering Issues - 2010, Mr. Harold Wilson, Northrop Grumman Information Systems, DSD
  • 10819 - Systems Engineering Program Metrics, Mr. Jim Thompson, ODDR&E/SE
  • 11089 - Naval Engineering Technical Review Process, Mr. Paul Dube, ASN(RDA) CHSENG
  • 10850 - System Engineering Effectiveness, Mrs. Kalyani Tripathi, U.S. Army - ARDEC
  • 10755 - A Framework for Evaluating U.S. DoD Systems Engineering Principles Against Defense System Quality, Dr. Nazanin Azizian, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • 10787 - The MITRE Systems Engineering Guide: Practical Guidance for FFRDC Systems Engineers, Mr. George Rebovich, The MITRE Corporation

Track 2 - Net-Centric Operations/Interoperability - Bayview II

  • 10849 - Principles of Net-Centricity, Mr. Hans Polzer, Lockheed Martin
  • 10768 - Mission Engineering for Warfighting Integration of Net-Centric Systems, Ms. Eileen Bjorkman, U.S. Air Force
  • 10852 - Interoperability by Design, Mr. Ken Hafner, SPAWARSYSCOM
  • 10829 - Battle Command and Simulation Interoperability Using Common Geospatial Representations, Mr. Thomas Stanzione, VT MAK
  • 10799 - Procure-2-Pay Portal Pilot: Integrated Feasibility Assessment (IFA), Ms. Lien Dinh, Defense Business Transformation Agency
  • 11114 - Panel: Systems Engineering Management and the Relationship of Systems Engineering to Project Management and Software Engineering, Dr. Raymond Madachy, Naval Postgraduate School

Track 2 - Property Management - Bayview II

  • 10934 - The Evolving Operational Environment as a Unifying Foundation for Systems Engineering and Acquisition Decision Making, Mr. Vincent Roske, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • 11073 - Advancing Systems Engineering Through Use of Collaborative Space, Mr. George Richard Freeman, U.S. Air Force
  • 10796 - Valuing System Flexibility via Total Ownership Cost Analysis, Dr. Barry Boehm, University of Southern California

Track 3 - System of Systems - Bayview III

  • 10913 - Update on SoS SE: >SoS SE Artifacts and A Practitioner View, Dr. Judith Dahmann, The MITRE Corporation
  • 10806 - Key System of Systems Engineering Artifacts to Guide Engineering Activities, Dr. Jo Ann Lane, University of Southern California
  • 10598 - Systems Engineering Processes Improvement Using the CMMI in Large System of Systems Space Programs, Mrs. Revital Goldberg, Israel Aerospace Industries
  • 10838 - The Joint Land Component Constructive Training Capability: An SoS Success Story, Ms. Laura Feinerman, The MITRE Corporation
  • 10887 - Army System of-Systems Engineering Processes, Mr. Terry Edwards, ASA(ALT) SoSE
  • 10888 - Army System of-Systems Architecture Developments, Mr. David Poole, ASA (ALT) SoSE

Track 3 - Joint Net-Centric/SOS - Bayview III

  • 10955 - Network Centric Patterns for System Interoperability, Mr. Mark Bowler, The Boeing Company
  • 10754 - Understanding the Limits of Systems of Systems, Dr. Elwin Ong, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 11065 - Mission Level Engineering, Ms. Helene Anderson, ASN(RDA) CHSENG

Track 4 - Early System Engineering Mission I

  • 10944 - Development Planning Update: Policy Evolution from a Technical Perspective, Mr. Michael Duffey, ODDR&E/SE
  • 10766 - Findings and Recommendations from the NDIA/OSD Development Planning Working Group, Mr. John Lohse, Raytheon Company
  • 10790 - A Better-Informed Materiel Development Decision for USAF Programs, Mr. Jeff Loren, Alion Science & Technology
  • 10786 - Early Systems Engineering to Achieve MS B, Mr. Michael Gaydar, NAVAIR
  • 11011 - Systems Engineering in Development Planning and Science & Technology, Dr. Kenneth Barker, U.S. Air Force
  • 11015 - Developing a Mission Solution: From Mission Gap Analysis to Preferred System Concept, Ms. Elizabeth M. O'Keefe, Raytheon Company
  • 10507 - Developing a Net-Centric Mission Architecture: From Mission Analysis to Executable Model, Mr. James Sierchio, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 11466 - Applying NATO's Distributed Networked Battle Labs (DNBL) Initiative to Early Systems Engineering, Mr. Hans Polzer, Lockheed Martin
  • 10784 - Suitability Impacts on Rapid Development, Mr. Michael Gaydar, NAVAIR
  • 11131 - The Case for Considering Acquisition Program Executability Prior to Materiel Development Decision (MDD), Mr. Gregory Laushine, SAIC
  • 10810 - Improving Success with Technology Using an Organizational Epistemology - A Conceptual Decision Framework for Early Systems Engineering, Dr. Chris Powell, HPTI
  • 11083 - Early Systems Engineering for Tech Base Projects, Mr. Richard Swanson, HPTI

Track 5 - Modeling and Simulation - Mission II

  • 11436 - Panel: Overview of Create - Physics Based Modeling and Simulation,
  • 10828 - Understanding the Increasingly Important Role M&S Plays in Department of Defense Acquisition, Ms. Philomena Zimmerman, ODDR&E/SE
  • 10958 - Results of a Study on the Management of Broadly-Needed Modeling and Simulation Tools, Dr. James Coolahan, JHU/APL
  • 10735 - Best Practices for the Development of Models and Simulations, Dr. Katherine Morse, JHU/APL
  • 10591 - Military Modeling & Simulation Systems Oriented Architecture (SOA) Concepts Pilot, Dr. Gary Allen, Joint Training Evaluation and Integration Center
  • 10891 - Leveraging LVC Simulation Capabilities for Systems Analysis, Dr. Douglas Hodson, WPAFB
  • 10922 - The Modeling and Simulation Catalog for Discovery, Knowledge and Reuse, Mr. Steve Hunt, Alion Science and Technology
  • 10813 - Systems Engineering Initiatives for Verification, Validation, and Accreditation of DoD Models and Simulations, Ms. Philomena Zimmerman, ODDR&E/SE
  • 10959 - NDIA Model Based Engineering (MBE) Subcommittee Report, Mr. Frank Salvatore, HPTI
  • 11063 - Best Practices in Contracting for Models, Simulations, and Associated Data Subcommittee Report, Mr. Dennis Shea, Center For Naval Analyses
  • 10827 - Supporting Weapon Systems Assessments with Realistic Synthetic Environment Representations - Where to Go for Authoritative Data, Ms. Philomena Zimmerman, ODDR&E/SE
  • 11091 - Deployment of MBSE Processes Using SysML, Mr. Timothy Tritsch, HPTI

Track 6 - Workforce Development - Mission III

  • 10932 - BKCASE: Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering, Dr. Arthur Pyster, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 11068 - GRCSE and GswE2009: Educational Advancements to Support Government and Industry, Ms. Nicole Hutchison, Analytic Services, Inc.
  • 11078 - Curriculum for the Life Cycle of the Systems Engineer, Dr. Carlee Bishop, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 10933 - Panel: In Search of the Principles of Systems Engineering (BKCASE), Mr. Richard Adcock, Cranfield University
  • 10939 - Improving the Department of Defense and Industry Systems Engineering Workforce, Dr. Don Gelosh, ODDR&E/SE, Mr. Doug Westphal and Dr. John Snoderly, DAU
  • 10651 - Realizing the Vision: Innovative Practices to Enhance the Capability of the Systems Engineering Workforce, Dr. Janice Ziarko, The MITRE Corporation
  • 10883 - Undergraduate Systems Engineering Programs in the United States, Dr. Arthur Pyster, Stevens Institute of Technology Dr. Don Gelosh, ODDR&E/SE
  • 11006 - Leveraging Remote Online Education for SE Competency Development, Ms. Alice Squires, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 11445 - The Use of Navy Warfare Centers as Lead System Integrators: Lessons Learned from Mission Module Development, Mr. Rich Volkert, SSC Pacific

Track 7 - Enterprise Health Management - Palm I
Opening Presentation: Mr. Howard Savage, SCI

  • 11056 - Unmanned Ground Vehicle Integrated Diagnostics, Mr. Larry Osentoski, DRIVE Developments, Inc.
  • 11059 - Diagnostic Improvement of Complex Systems Through Enhanced Information Usage, Mr. Darrell Bartz, The Boeing Company
  • 10967 - Enterprise Health Management Technology Transition Issues and Path Forward, Mr. Chris Reisig, The Boeing Company

Track 7 - Technology Maturity

  • 11060 - GAO's Annual Assessment of Selected Weapons Programs, Mr. Travis Masters, U.S. Government Accountability Office
  • 10715 - Australia's Experience in Technical Risk Assessment for Defence Acquisitions, Dr. David Wood, Department of Defence
  • 10736 - Adapting Systems Engineering Best Practices to Technology Development in Applied Research, Mr. Jeff Craver, Defense Acquisition University
  • 11099 - Performing Software Feasibility Analysis on Major Defense Acquisition Programs, Mr. Jim Thompson, ODDR&E/SE

Track 8 - Test and Evaluation in Systems Engineering - Palm II

  • 10604 - Test and Evaluation Issues for Systems of Systems: Sleepless Nights to Sominex, Dr. Beth Wilson, Raytheon Company
  • 10911 - (JMETC) Effective T&E by Improving Distributive Test Capabilities, Mr. Ryan Norman, Joint Mission Environment Test Capability, Lead Systems Engineer
  • 10733 - 2010 Strategic Plan for DoD T&E Resources, Dr. Suzanne Strohl, OSD AT&L Test Resource Management Center
  • 10903 - Guarding the Intent of Requirements Throughout the Test Execution Cycle, Mr. Stephen Scukanec, Northrop Grumman, Aerospace Sector
  • 10783 - Evolution of the Tomahawk Land-Attack Missile Operational Test Launch Methodology, Mrs. Angelica Lilly, JHU/APL
  • 10831 - T&E Methodology for Business Systems, Dr. Aaron Drew, Defense Business Transformation Agency
  • 10935 - Strategic Enterprise Test and Evaluation Process Approach, Ms. Harriette Tullos-Banks, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division

Track 8 - Joint Cyber/SW Intensive - Palm II

  • 10918 - Rationalizing Governance, Engineering Practice, and Engineering Economics in the System and Software Assurance Trade Space, Mr. Paul Croll, CSC

Track 9 - Human Systems Integration - Mariner Point

  • 11077 - Driving HSI into Common Industry Practice, Dr. Noreen McQuinn, The Boeing Company
  • 10724 - Systems Engineering and User Needs - Strategies and Tactics for the Evolving System Acquisition Environment, Dr. William Reese, Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems
  • 10851 - Assessment of Human Systems Integration in Air Force Acquisition, Mr. John Maziarz, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 11082 - HSI Translation of Capability Requirements to Acquisition, Ms. Lisa Kaminski, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 11010 - Human Systems Integration Approaches for Developmental Testing, Dr. Matthew Risser, Pacific Science & Engineering Group
  • 10971 - A-10, Thunderbolt II - a Study of Human Systems Integration, Dr. David Jacques, Planned Systems International

Track 9 - System Safety - ESOH - Mariner Point

  • 11130 - Acquisition ESOH - Follow Through After the Policy is Printed, Mr. David Asiello, Office Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (I&E)
  • 10907 - A Case Study of an Evolving ESOH Program - One Company's Perspective, Mr. Michael Parulis, Electric Boat Corporation
  • 11120 - Addressing Environmental Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) in Systems Engineering Across the Entire Acquisition Life Cycle, Mr. Ted Grady, USAF - Aeronautical Systems Center

Track 10 - Logistics Supportability and Sustainment - Crown Point

  • 10592 - Engineering Design Analysis (Physics of Failure), Mr. Gary Drake, U.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity
  • 10926 - Design For Reliability (DFR) Methodology Applied to Stryker NBCRV Program, Dr. Dmitry Tananko, GDLS
  • 10780 - NDIA Life Cycle Affordability Project, Mr. Joel Moorvitch, Raytheon Company
  • 10836 - Logistics Demonstrations: A Strategy to Reduce Cost, Maintain Schedule, and Mitigate Risks to Achieve Performance Goals, Mr. Jeffrey Gilbert, U.S. Army Evaluation Center
  • 11071 - Sustaining and Upgrading the Air Force's Legacy Mobility Fleet: Addressing Issues Using SE Enterprise Approach, Mr. Ray Flores, USAF Air Mobility Directorate, Aeronautical System
  • 10774 - PLM for Systems Engineering Support within ECSS, Mrs. Segrid Harris-Wright, Air Force Logistics Transformation Organization

Track 10 - Architecture - Crown Point

  • 10771 - First Steps in the Development of an Architecture Framework for a Product Development Process, Mr. Jeffrey Williams, Southern Methodist University
  • 10584 - Enterprise Architecture Model-Driven Simulation, Mr. Robert Byrd, Serco, Inc.
  • 10841 - Role of Enterprise Architecture Updates in Guiding Decentralized Organizations, Mr. John Schatz, SPEC Innovations


Thursday, October 29, 2010

Concurrent Sessions

Luncheon Speaker:

  • Systems 2020, Ms. Kristen Baldwin, Director, Systems Analysis, Systems Engineering Directorate, Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering

Track 1 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness - Bayview I

  • 10812 - Introduction to the DoD Systems Requirements Analysis Guide, Ms. Sharon Vannucci, ODDR&E/SE
  • 10867 - Defining and Quantifying System Complexity, Mr. John Seel, GWU and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division
  • 11053 - Are Rapid Fielding and Good Systems Engineering Mutually Exclusive?, Mr. William Decker, Defense Acquisition University
  • 11107 - Panel: SE Standards: Status & Needs

Track 2 - Program Management - Bayview II

  • 10927 - Lifecycle Management Cost Optimizer, Mr. Jerry Cothran, Lockheed Martin
  • 10910 - Rapid Affordability and CAIV Exploration (RACE) Tool, Mr. James Fieber, Lockheed Martin
  • 10802 - Systems Engineering Influence on Life Cycle Cost, Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez-Johnson, ODDR&E/SE
  • 10820 - Enhancing Performance Management via Metrics, Mr. Peter Nolte, ODDR&E/SE
  • 11135 - A Decision-Focused Model for DoD Development Planning-A Step Toward Uncovering and Targeting the Real Program Shapers, Mr. Gregory Laushine, SAIC
  • 10785 - Risk Management in the TACOM LCMC, Ms. Lisa Graf, U.S. Army - TARDEC
  • 10940 - EVM Method for LOE Projects, Mr. Lynwood Townsend, GWU and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division

Track 3 - Joint Net-Centric/System of Systems - Bayview III

  • 10889 - System-of-Systems Engineering for Army Battle Command Convergence, Ms. Hillary Richardson, The MITRE Corporation
  • 10730 - AT&L and DOT&E IA Cross Walk Improving Information Assurance in Systems Acquistion and Testing, Mr. Peter Christensen, The MITRE Corporation

Track 3 - Joint Net-Centric/Interoperability - Bayview III

  • 11033 - The View from Here - Human Views in Architecture Models, Mr. Tim Bowden, Jenius LLC
  • 10996 - DoD Delivering the Architecture of the Future, Mr. Alan Golombek, Architecture & Infrastructure Directorate
  • 10901 - Enhancing the Usability of the Human Machine Interface on the Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment (HIIDE), Mr. John J. Howard (paper, slides), Southern Methodist University

Track 3 - Specialty Engineering - Bayview III

  • 10586 - New Army and DoD Reliability Scorecard, Mrs. Marguerite Shepler (paper, slides), U.S. Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity

Track 4 - Early Systems Engineering - Mission I

  • 10792 - "The Conversation," Applying Systems Thinking to the Science and Technology Phase of Acquisition, Mr. Robert Rapson, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate
  • 10795 - Recapturing System Decomposition Techniques for Improved S&T Development of Future Warfighter Capabilities, Dr. James Malas, Plans and Programs Directorate
  • 10732 - R&D Transition Interface with Early Systems Engineering: SEALION and Open Systems Case Studies, Mr. Michael Bosworth, Naval Sea Systems Command SEA 05T
  • 11446 - Lessons Learned in the Application of System Readiness Level to the Development of Systems of Systems for the Mission Modules Program Office, Mr. Rich Volkert, SSC Pacific
  • 11012 - Tester's Early Involvement in the Systems Engineering Process, Dr. William Bell, The MITRE Corporation
  • 10877 - Creating a Graphical CONOPS, Dr. Robert Cloutier, Stevens Institute of Technology

Track 4 - Early Systems Engineering/Test - Mission I

  • 10798 - Early Integration of Test and Evaluation Subject Matter Experts in the Acquisition Life Cycle, Mr. Robert Kennedy, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
  • 11002 - Enhancing T&E and SE Alignment Using Database Driven Documentation, Ms. Sue O'Brien, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

Track 5 - Modeling & Simulation - Mission II

  • 10861 - Use of a Model-Based Approach to Minimize System Development Risk and Time-to-Field for New Systems, Mr. Kerry Wagner, U.S. Army ARDEC Software Engineering Directorate
  • 10722 - A Game Loop Architecture for the Modeling and Simulation of Mission Threads, Mr. Thomas Tanner, SAIC

Track 5 - Requirements Development - Mission II

  • 10434 - A Simple Prescription for Requirements Success, Mr. Jeffrey Grady, JOGF System Engineering, Inc.
  • 11036 - 360° Architecture/Requirements Traceability, Mr. Peter Forsch, Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems
  • 10988 - Air Force Requirements Traceabilty Tool, Mr. Gil Wagner, U.S. Air Force
  • 11079 - MRAP Requirements Management Process, Ms. Jennifer Johnson, PEO CS&CSS, PM MRAP

Track 6 - Workforce Development - Mission III

  • 10985 - Panel: Organizing Technical Knowledge in the SEBOK - BKCASE Track
  • Dr. John Snoderly, Defense Acquisition University
  • Mr. Gary Roedler, Defense Acquisition University
  • 11052 - Graduate Systems Engineering Programs: Report on Outcomes and Objectives, Ms. Alice Squires, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 11022 - Lead Systems Integrator Role for Government, Mr. Donald Young, Naval Air Systems Command
  • 10822 - DAU's New Continuous Learning Module on Human Systems Integration, Dr. Fran Greene, Planned Systems International
  • 11034 - Applying Systems Engineering to Workforce Development, Mr. Ken Mosteller, The Center for Systems Management
  • 10866 - Design Considerations in Building a Corporate Systems Engineering Training and Development Program, Dr. Philip Trudeau, The MITRE Corporation

Track 7 - Technology Maturity - Palm I

  • 11074 - Keeping Legacy Systems Viable - Introducing RDT&E Processes to the O&S Phase, Ms. Karen Metz, Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Laboratory
  • 10840 - Assessment of Integration Risk Within the Department of Defense for Major Acquisition Programs, Mr. Jim Thompson, ODDR&E/SE
  • 10745 - The Trouble with the System Readiness Level (SRL) Index for Managing the Acquisition of Defense Systems Dr. Edouard Kujawski, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 10823 - System of Systems Technology Analysis and Selection Methodology, Mr. Lance Harper, Northrop Grumman
  • 11070 - Status of the Development of an International Standards Organization (ISO) Definition of the Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) and Their Criteria of Assessment, Mr. William Nolte, Air Force Research Laboratory, Plans and Programs Branch
  • 11041 - DoD Manufacturing Policy and Technical Maturity Issues Challenging Affordability, Dr. Michelle Atchison, Lockheed Martin
  • 11072 - An Integrated Approach to Managing Technology Maturation Costs, Dr. Deganit Armon, Advatech Pacific, Inc.
  • 10974 - Evaluating Readiness of Federations-of-Models for Use in Simulation-Based Concept Development of Advanced Warfighting Capabilities, Mr. Bryan Herdlick, GWU and JHU/APL

Track 8 - Software Intensive Systems - Palm II

  • 11138 - The Critical Role for Software Engineering in Development Planning and Sustainment, Mr. Michael McLendon, ODDR&E/SE
  • 10698 - Systems Assurance in the Age of Open Source Technology, Mr. Edward Beck, MSE, LLC
  • 10742 - The Future of Open Source Software (OSS) in DoD, Dr. Charles Byler, Whitfill CTSF
  • 11115 - Application of Lean Process to Software Engineering via Value-Stream Mapping, Dr. Shawn Rahmani, The Boeing Company
  • 10997 - Software Reliability Growth Approach, Mr. Louis Gullo, Raytheon Company
  • 11117 - Software Engineering Strengths and Weaknesses in System Engineers, Dr. Paul Shebalin, Naval Postgraduate School

Track 9 - System Safety - ESOH - Mariner Point

  • 11132 - Including ESOH Requirements in JCIDS Documents, Mr. Jefferson Walker, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 10721 - Developmental Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Evaluation: A Risk Assessment Tool for Early Evaluation of Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health Impacts, Mr. Thomas Bush, Hughes Associates, Inc.
  • 10950 - Can Environmental Sustainability be Factored into DoD Acquisition Programs?, Mr. Paul Yaroschak, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • 11129 - Environmental Hazard Analysis - Task 210 in the Change to Military Standard 882D, DoD Standard Practice for System Safety - ESOH Risk Management, Mr. Sherman Forbes, SAF/AQRE
  • 10725 - Safety in Systems Engineering Technical Reviews, Ms. Karen Gill, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 10837 - Joint Service Safety Testing Standards, Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez-Johnson, ODDR&E/SE
  • 11133 - ESOH - Lessons Learned from DoD Acquisition Systems Engineering Program Support Reviews, Mr. William Thacker, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 10848 - System Safety Engineering in a System of Systems Environment, Ms. Janet McKinney, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division

Track 10 - Architecture - Crown Point

  • 10869 - Proposed Functional Architecture and Associated Benefits Analysis of a Common Ground Control Station for Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Mr. Douglas Mousseau, NAVAIR
  • 11004 - Defining Factors Needed to Develop a Qualitative Approach to Assessing a Program Architecture, Ms. Eileen McConkie, GWU and Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division
  • 10916 - Radar Open Architectures, Mr. Scott Lucero, ODDR&E/SE
  • 10720 - High Availability and Fault Management in Objective Architecture Systems, Mr. Stephen Mills, GoAhead Software
  • 10760 - Organizing For Success: Improving Our Engineering Team Architectures, Mr. James Smith, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control