21st Annual Systems & Mission Engineering Conference

22 - 25 October 2018

Tampa, FL

DTIC Citations

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

DoD Executive Panel: Service Systems Engineering Leads Discuss SE Issues
Moderator: Kristen Baldwin, Deputy Director, Strategic Technology Protection and Exploitation, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

  • William Bray, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development, Test and Evaluation
  • Leo Smith, Deputy Director, Office of the Chief Systems Engineer, Office of the Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology
  • Jeffrey Stanley, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science, Technology, and Engineering, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition and Logistics

DoD Executive Panel: Interagency Systems Engineering Activity
Moderator: Kristen Baldwin, Deputy Director, Strategic Technology Protection and Exploitation, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering

  • Glenn Bell, Chief System Engineer for Defense Programs, National Nuclear Security Administration
  • Steven Hirshorn, Chief Engineer, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, Office of the Chief Engineer, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Joseph Post, Director (Acting), National Airspace System (NAS) Systems Engineering & Integration, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Albert "Benjie" Spencer, Chief Engineer, National Weather Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Kerry Wilson, Deputy Director, Office of Systems Engineering, Department of Homeland Security


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Modeling & Simulation 1

  • 21494 - DoD Digital Engineering Implementation Challenges and Recommendations, Philomena Zimmerman, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21367 - Uncovering Cascading Vulnerabilities in Model- Centric Acquisition Programs, Donna Rhodes, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 21390 - Modeling Digital Engineering Transformation: The Program Authoritative Source of Truth, Thomas McDermott, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 21401 - Modeling Digital Engineering Transformation: Workforce and Culture, Thomas McDermott, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 21337 - Exchanging Digital Artifacts for the Engineering Life Cycle, Philomena Zimmerman, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21523 - Interdiction: The Application of SysML State Machines to Cybersecurity, Michael Vinarcik, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 21320 - CREATE as an Early Example of a DoD "Software Factory", Richard Kendall, High Performance Computing Modernization Office

Modeling & Simulation 2

  • 21509 - How Model-Based Systems Engineering with SysML Helps in Complex Systems Design, Saulius Pavalkis, No Magic, Inc.
  • 21556 - Frenemies: OPM and SysML Together in an MBSE Model, Matthew Hause, PTC
  • 21304 - Architecture-Drive Assurance for Avionic Systems, Dan Bliek, Rockwell Collins
  • 21374 - MBSE for SOCOM JATF-TALOS, Bjorn Cole, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 21451 - MBSE Design Pattern for Non-Standard Interfaces, David Wood, Harris Corporation
  • 21466 - Collaboration in an Authoritative Source of Truth Environment using Open MBEE, Benjamin Kruse, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 21338 - An MBE Manifesto
    • Edward Carroll, Sandia National Laboratories
    • Chris Schrieber, Lockheed Martin Corporation
    • Frank Salvatore, Engility Corporation
    • Bill Schindel, ICTT
    • Sharon Trauth, Sandia National Laboratories
    • Dana Grisham, Sandia National Laboratories
    • Nancy Hayden, Sandia National Laboratories

System Security Engineering

  • 21527 - Welcome and System Security Engineering Council Highlights, Holly Dunlap, Raytheon Company
  • 21405 - DoD Approach for Engineering Cyber-Resilient Weapon Systems and Program Protection, Melinda Reed, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21535 - The Value of Using Systems Engineering to Sharpen the Spear Against the Cyber Threat, Richard Massey, The Boeing Company
  • 21381 - Leveraging Systems Modeling to Assess and Mitigate Cyber-Based Mission Risk: A Cybersecurity Architecture Framework, Everett Oliver, George Washington University
  • 21341 - Hardware Assurance (HwA) Through the Lifecycle, Raymond Shanahan, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21335 - Long-Term Strategy for DoD Assured Microelectronics Needs and Innovation for National Economic Competitiveness, Kristen J. Baldwin, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21400 - Joint Federated Assurance Center (JFAC) Update 2018, Thomas Hurt, OUSD(R&E)

Systems Engineering Effectiveness

  • 21407 - Panel: Methods for Accelerated Delivery of Capability - What Does It Take to Go Fast?
    Moderator: D. Scott Lucero, OUSD(R&E)
    • Thomas McDermott, Stevens Institute of Technology
    • Troy Peterson, INCOSE
    • Laura Freeman, Institute for Defense Analyses
    • Bess Dopkeen, DoD Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation
  • 21423 - Traceability via Artificial Intelligence, Michael Campbell and Steven Dam Ph.D, ESEP
  • 21554 - Benchmarking Systems Engineering Measure, Geoff Draper, Harris Corporation

Software Engineering

  • 21747 - Software Acquisition: Facing the Challenge, Valuing Velocity!, James Thompson, OUSD(R&E)

Agile in Systems Engineering

  • 21361 - Semantic Versioning and Automated System Build Assembly, Duane Spence, Raytheon Company IIS
  • 21362 - Transforming Systems Engineering for DevOps, Brian Davenport, Raytheon Company
  • 21363 - Going DevOps in GovCloud - Trials and Travails of Standing Up a DevOps Pipeline in AWS, John Mallinger, Raytheon Company
  • 21364 - Infrastructure as Code - Moving to Hardware Defined Infrastructure, Brian Davenport, Raytheon Company
  • 21375 - Systems Engineering for Highly Rapid Development: The Parallel Agile Process
    • Doug Rosenberg, Parallel Agile, Inc.
    • and Barry Boehm, University of Southern California

Mission Engineering


  • 21413 - MOSA - Key Points for Implementation from the NOIA Architecture Committee, Edward Moshinsky, Lockheed Martin

Engineering Resilient Systems

  • 21605 - The CREATE Element of the U.S. DoD HPC Modernization Program - Past, Present, and Future, Robert Meakin, CREATE, HPCMP
  • 21492 - Leveraging ERS to Enable Digital Engineering for Rotorcraft Acquisition, Marvin Moulton, U.S. Army RDECOM
  • 21552 - Deep Data Analytics for Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS), David Stuart, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
  • 21529 - ERS is the Catalyst for Collaboration between Industry and Government in Aviation System Modeling, David Quinn, U.S. Army RDECOM
  • 21519 - Engineered Resilient Systems - Enabling Analysis of Large-Scale Maintenance Data through Innovative Techniques, Maria Seale, USAGE Engineer Research and Development Center

Program Management

  • 21449 - PM and SE Career Path Similarities, Michael Williamson (presenter), Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control
  • 21441 - Cost-Based Risk Management for Mission Critical Microgrids, Robert Baker, Colorado State University
  • 21352 - PARGA: IBR's in DoD - Joint Situational Awareness, John McGregor, OUSD(A&S) PARGA
  • 21346 - Acquisition Agility Act of FY 2017 NOAA, Robert Gold, OUSD(R&E)

Interoperability and Network Centric Operations

  • 21417 - Lessons Learned from Tactical Radio Interface Standardization, Don Stephens, Joint Tactical Networking Center
  • 21515 - Architecture Nomograph a Visual Validation Tool for DODAF Products, Mark Gibson, Engility Corporation

Human Systems Integration

  • 21333 - Department of Defense Human Systems Integration Initiatives, Andrew Monje, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21378 - User-Centric Systems Engineering; Integrating User Experience Design with Traditional Systems Engineering, Radhika Patel, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 21562 - Meeting User Needs: Tailoring Human Systems Integration (HSI) for DoD Agile & DevOps, Ariana Kiken, Pacific Science & Engineering Group
  • 21489 - Human Systems Integration Risk Management Tool, Bill Kosnik, Air Force Space Command
  • 21427 - Simpathe: A Computational Model to Facilitate Human Systems Integration Evaluations
    • Elizabeth Weldon, Georgia Tech Research Institute
    • C.J. Hutto, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 21323 - Embedding Human Systems Integration Within Systems Engineering Processes -A Peek into the Draft HSI MIL Handbook
    • Sarah Orr, AF 711th Human Performance Wing HSI Directorate
    • Jessica Shihady, AF 711th Human Performance Wing HSI Directorate
  • 21395 - Engineering the Complete System: Hardware, Software, AND People, Michael Pietryga, Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing HSI Directorate


Thursday, October 25, 2018

Modeling & Simulation 1

Modeling & Simulation 2

  • 21370 - Understanding Discontinuous Technologies Using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Behavior Models, Wendy Golden, GWU PhD Student, Aerospace Fellow
  • 21385 - A Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach to Communicating and Verifying Dynamic Requirements in Contracted System Development, Donald Barrett, George Washington University
  • 21531 - Using MBSE in AGILE Development
    • Tamara Hambrick, Northrop Grumman Enterprise Services
    • Jason Forth, NAVAIR
  • 21539 - Use of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to Improve Program Metrics, Howard Gans, Harris Corporation

System Security Engineering

  • 21410 - Software Assurance Concept of Operation - Advancing Software Assurance in the Modern Age
    • Kenneth Nidiffer, CMU Software Engineering Institute
    • Bradley Lanford, Engility Corporation
  • 21447 - Cybersecurity the Systems Engineering Way, David Olmstead, Lockheed Martin
  • 21342 - Enhancing DoD Technological Advantage, Brian Hughes, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21403 - Engineering Cyber- Resilient Weapon Systems (CRWS) Workforce Development Workshop, Melinda Reed, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21488 - Integrating Systems Engineering, Cyber Security and Cyber T&E through MBSE, Barry Papke, No Magic, Inc.
  • 21310 - Verifying Software Control Categories (SCCs) Using Quantitative Fault Tree Analyses (FTAs), Robert Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 21412 - Leveraging System Safety to Improve System Security, Michael McEvilley, MITRE Corporation
  • 21431 - Leveraging Vulnerability Prediction Models to Aid Cyber Security Planning, Raymond Chow, Lockheed Martin

Environment, Safety & Occupational Health

  • 21420 - Use of Draft MIL-STD-882E, Task 108, to Prohibit & Eliminate Cr6+, Gene McKinley, U.S. Air Force
  • 21310 - Verifying Software Control Categories (SCCs) Using Quantitative Fault Tree Analyses (FTAs), Robert Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 21549 - Unmanned System (UxS) IPT and Engineering Precepts for Safe Autonomy, Michael Demmick, NOSSA
  • 21537 - Digital Engineering, Philomena Zimmerman, OUSD(R&E)
  • 21414 - Naval Sea Systems Command's (NAVSEA) Approach for Managing the Risk of Hazardous Material Usage in New Acquisition, Jessica Klotz, NSWC, Carderock Division
  • 21285 - Environmental Life Cycle Assessment of Commercial Transportation Activities in the United States, Shelia Neumann, University of Texas at Arlington

Tool Vendor Demonstrations for MBSE/Digital Engineering


  • 21354 - MOSA Standards Showcase
    • Michael Heaphy, Defense Standardization Program Office
    • John Bowling, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
    • Ken O'Driscoll, FACE
    • Benjamin Peddicord, CMOSS
  • 21359 - Modular Open Systems Approaches (MOSA) Panel: Discussion of MOSA Frameworks
    Moderator: Philomena Zimmerman, OUSD (R&E)
    • John Bowling, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
    • Kenneth O'Driscoll, NAVAIR
    • John Stough, PEO Aviation
    • Daniel Torres, U.S. Army TARDEC
  • 21419 - Implementing DoDAF and UAF, Steven Dam, SPEC Innovations
  • 21371 - The Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Initiative in a Nutshell, Steve Davidson, Raytheon Company

Education & Training

  • 21418 - What is the Future of Systems Engineering?, Steven Dam, SPEC Innovations

Engineering Resilient Systems

  • 21433 - Architecting Resilient Systems with Design Structure Matrices and Network Topology Analysis, Robert Hill, George Washington University

Enterprise Health Management/Prognostics/Diagnostics/Reliability

  • 21350 - DMSMS/Obsolescence Panel
    • Robin Brown, Defense Standardization Program Office
    • Ethan Plotkin, GDCA
    • KiHo Kang, KIHOMAC
    • Lance Magnusson, Obsolescence Branch Manager at NUWC Division, Keyport
  • 21307 - Applying Science and Technology to Sustainment of Legacy Systems, Marilyn Gaska, Lockheed Martin
  • 21332 - Update on R&M Engineering Activities: Rebuilding Military Readiness, Andrew Monje, OUSD(R&E)

Systems of Systems

  • 21280 - Mission Engineering and Prototype Warfare: Operationalizing Technology Faster to Stay Ahead of the Threat, Matthew Horning, U.S. Army TARDEC
  • 21284 - Cyber-Physical Systems and System of Systems Architecting Tool, Cihan Dagli, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • 21487 - System of Systems Model Building and Acausal Simulation Environment, Peter Menegay, SynaptiCAD

Environment, Safety & Occupational Health

  • 21394 - APHC support to the ALU CDC and JCIDS Processes, Robert Booze, U.S. Army Public Health Center
  • 21358 - Revolutionizing Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) in Systems Engineering to Meet Rapid Prototyping/Fielding Under the Middle Tier of Acquisition, Corey Pressley Plakos, Naval Air Systems Command

DTIC Citations