40th Annual Armament Systems: Guns, Ammunition, Rockets & Missiles
Conference & Exhibition

"Translating Lessons Learned into Systems Requirements"

25 - 28 April 2005

New Orleans, LA

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

General Session

  • Weapons Systems and Explosives Safety in a Joint Warfighting Environment, Mr. David C. Schulte, Executive Director, Naval Ordance Safety & Security Activity
  • The Future of Small Missiles, Dr. James C. Bradas, Associate Director for Missile Technology, AMERDEC

Session: Modeling & Simulation

  • Accuracy Modeling of the 120mm M256 Gun as a Function Of Bore Centerline Profile, Mr. David Smith for Dr. Ronald Gast, Benet Laboratories
  • Opening New "DOORS" to Managing JSF Gun System Requirements, Ms. Renee I. Bellack, General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products
  • Optimized Trajectory Shaping Guidance for an Air-to-Ground Missile Launched from a Gunship, Mr. Shane Sorenson, Naval Surface Warfare Center
  • Estimating Ballistic Limits of Skin and Clothing for Projectiles, Mr. Henry E. Hudgins, US Army ARDEC
  • A Review of The Insensitive Munitions Design Technology Workshop, Mr. M. Pascal Marchandin, NATO-MSIAC


  • Super Weapons - An Analysis, LTC Simon R. West, British Army, United Kingdom Defence Academy

Session: Medium Caliber System

  • Oerlikon Ammunition for New Defense Environment, Mr. Allan N. Buckley, BTECH Oerlikon Contraves Pyrotec AG
  • Multi Mission Vehicle Armament & Air Burst Munition for Expeditionary Warfare Force Protection, Mr. Andrew Bradick, Lockheed Martin
  • 25mm Gun Systems for theF-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), Mr. Douglass C. Parker, General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products
  • Optimized Gun Barrel Targeting Investigation, Mr. Jeff A. Siewart, Arrow Tech Association
  • Mk 110 Mod 0 / 57mm Naval Gun & Ammunition Certification Process, LT Timothy J. Hackett, USCG, US Coast Guard Deepwater Sponsors' Representative
  • GAU-19/A Barrel Life Study, Mr. James J. St. Germain, General Dynamics Armament & Technology Products
  • RNLA IFV Firepower: 30 mm versus 35 mm - 35 mm KETF Firing doctriney, Mr. Eelko van Meerten, TNO Defence, Safety & Security
  • OMk44 Gun/Ammo IPT, Maj Kirk D. Mullins, USMC, DRPM AAA
  • O30mm Airburst Development - Translating Lessons Learned into System Requirements, Mr. Paul A. Reynolds, General Dynamics - OTS


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

General Session

  • ATEC Update, BG(P) James R. Myles, USA, Commanding General, US Army Test & Evaluation Command
  • Raytheon Missile Systems: A Global Perspective, Mr. Robert Salyer, Director, Business Development Raytheon Missile Systems
  • Acquisition and Sustainment Program, COL Lloyd E. McDaniels, USA, Project Manager, CCWS Project Office

Session: Weapon Systems

Session: Missles & Rockets

Session: Large Caliber

  • Development of the M1028, 120mm Anti-Personnel Tank Round, Mr. Hugh MacMillan, US Army Armaments Research, Development & Engineering Center and Mr. Neal Hylton, General Dynamics - Ordnance and Tactical Systems
  • Metallic Materials & Processes Enabling Lightweight System Initiatives, Mr. Jeff Lehner, Director, Military Programs, Alcoa/Howmet Corporation
  • Advanced Modular Gun Demonstrator: Redefining - "Faster Than A Speeding Bullet", Mr. Steve Coladonato, Applied Ordnance Technology, Inc.
  • The Modified Tank Ammunition IMI M152/6 HEAT-AP-T, Mr. Danny Schirding, Chief Systems Engineer Tank Ammunition Directorate - IMI Ammunition Group
  • A105/120/125 mm PELE Firing Results, Dr. Lutz Börngen, Rheinmetall Wafe Munition
  • Line Of Sight/Beyond Line Of Sight (LOS/BLOS) Advanced Technology Demonstrator (ATD), Mr. David C. Smith, P.E., USA Benet Laboratories

Session: Energetics

  • Development, Evaluation and Lifetime Prediction of Medium and Large Caliber Ammunition, Mr. Gert Scholtes, TNO
  • Concepts and Practices in Finding and Applying Lessons Learned, Mr. David F. Fair, US Army ARDEC
  • Propellant Replacement for the 105-mm M67 Propelling Charge, Ms. Adriana L. Eng, US Army ARDEC
  • Lead Azide Replacement Program, Mr. John M. Hirlinger, US Army RDECOM-ARDEC
  • Modeling Efforts for Autorotation Delivery System Concept Development, Mr. David C. Rutledge, Ph.D., Staff Engineer, United Defense


Thursday, April 28, 2005

General Session

  • Direct Fire Ammunition Lessons Learned: "More Than Just Impacts on Bullets", COL Mark Rider, USA, Project Manager, Maneuver Ammunition Systems
  • U.S. Army ARDEC Overview & Special Weapon Observation Reconnaissance Direct-Action System (SWORDS), Mr. Anthony Sebasto, Associate Director for Technology & Business Development, AETC
  • National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Armament Division - 2005 Division Status, Mr. Dave Broden, Chairman, Armaments Division, NDIA

Session: Technology & Manufacture

  • Automated Ammunition Identification, Mr. David F. Pouliot, United Defense L. P.
  • Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA), Mr. Steve Watts, US Army RD&E Command
  • ARDEC Business Development Process, Mr. David L. Burkhardt, Director, Strategic Communications, US Army ARDEC
  • MEMS IMU - Common Guidance, Dr. Vicki C. LeFevre, US Army RDECOM-AMRDEC and Mr. David W. Panhorst US Army ARDEC, US Army ARDEC
  • Development and Testing of High Explosive (HE) Projectiles for Electro-Magnetic Gun Army Tech Objective (ATO), Mr. Manfredi Luciano, US Army ARDEC
  • Metal Injection Molding of Wing/Flaperon, Mr. Jerry C. LaSalle, Director of MIM Operations, Polymer Technologies, Inc (PTI)
  • TBX Evaluation Testing in the M151 (2.75") Warhead as Risk Reduction for the APKWS, Mr. Jason C. Gilliam, US Army RDECOM-AMRDEC
  • Archer Artillery Program, Mr. Ulf Einefors, Bofors Defence
  • Improvements to Airborne Ladar Man-in-the-Loop Operations, Mrs. Sarah J. Hard, RDECOM-AMRDEC

Session: Mortars & Artillery

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