17th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

28 - 30 October 2014

Springfield, VA


Welcome and Introduction:

Session A
Keynote Speaker:

  • The Honorable William LaPlante, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition) and Air Force Service Acquisition Executive

Session B
Chief Systems Engineers Panel
Moderator: Mr. Stephen Welby, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Systems Engineering), Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering)

  • Mr. Kevin Fahey, Executive Director, System of Systems Engineering and Integration (SoSE&I), Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology)
  • Mr. Stu Young, Director, Systems Engineering, Naval Air Systems Command
  • Dr. Thomas Christian, Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science, Technology & Engineering
  • Mr. James Tuttle, Chief Systems Engineer, Under Secretary of Science and Technology, Department of Homeland Security
  • Ms. Michele Merkle, Director, National Airspace System Systems Engineering Office, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Mr. Albert Spencer, Director, Systems Engineering Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Lieutenant General Thomas Ferguson Awards Presentation
Master of Ceremonies: Ms. Kristen Baldwin, Principal Deputy, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Systems Engineering), Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering)

  • David Castellano, US Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center
  • JPALS Systems Engineering Team
  • Raytheon

Session C
Program Managers' Panel: The Program Management-Systems Engineering Reality: What Have You Done For Me Lately?
Moderator: Mr. James Thompson, Director, Major Program Support, ODASD Systems Engineering

  • Mr. Michael Sprang, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) Program
  • Mr. Barry Lake, Key Management Infrastructure (KMI) Program
  • Col Robert Strasser, USAF, B-2 Program
  • CAPT John Bailey, USN, Airborne Electronic Attack Systems & EA-6B Programs

Session D
Industry Systems Engineering Panel: "Systems Engineering as the Integrating Discipline to Help Improve Program Performance"
Moderator: Mr. Bob Rassa, Director, Engineering Programs, Space & Airborne Systems, Raytheon Company

  • Mr. Pat Seamon, Vice President, Engineering & Operations, Harris Corporation
  • Dr. John Zolper, Vice President, Research and Innovation, Raytheon Company
  • Mr. Mark Anderson, Director, National Security Programs, The Boeing Company
  • Mr. Keoki Jackson, Corporate Vice President for Program Excellence, Lockheed Martin Corporation


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keynote Speaker:

  • Mr. Stephen Welby, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Systems Engineering), Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering)

Track 1 SSE

  • 16867 - An Implementation of System Security Engineering: The Secure Engineering Assurance Model/SEAM-Ms. Dawn Beyer, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 16875 - Building a Software Assurance Road-map and Using It Effectively-Mr. Robert Martin, The MITRE Corporation
  • 16888 - Do You have the Right Pratices in Your Cyber Supply Chain Tool Box? - Ms. Michele Moss, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 16944 - DoD Software Assurance (SwA) Overview - Mr. Thomas Hurt, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 16950 - Department of Defense (DoD) Joint Federated Assurance Center (JFAC) Initiative - Ms. Kristen Baldwin, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 16994 - System Security Engineering and Program Protection Integration into SE - Ms. Melinda Reed, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 16990 - Department of Defense (DoD) Trusted Microelectronics - Mr. Raymond Shanahan, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 16997 - Vulnerability Analysis Techniques to Support Trusted Systems and Networks (TSN) Analysis - Ms. Melinda Reed, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 17009 - Systems Security Engineering Committee Results and Plans - Dr. Beth Wilson, Raytheon Company
  • 17016 - Systems Security Engineering Competency Model - A Working Example of the Proposed INCOSE SE Role-Based Competency Framework - Dr. Don Gelosh, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • 17022 - Tool Support for Tradespace Exploration and Analysis - Dr. Jakub Moskal, VIStology, Inc
  • 17046 - System Security Engineering a Single Integrated Techincal Process - Mr. Daniel Holtzman, The MITRE Corporation
  • 17051 - Mission Models: Merging Cyber Operations and Traditional Warfare - Ms. Ronda Henning, Harris Corporation

Track 2 Engineered Resilient Systems: DoD Perspectives

  • 16903 - Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS) Overview - Dr. Jeffery Holland, U.S. ArmyEngineer Research and Development Center
  • 16915 - ERS Support to DoD Prototyping Objectives - Mr. Earl Wyatt, DASD (EC&P) ASD (R&E)
  • 16943 - Modular Open Systems Architecture in DoD Acquisition - Mr. Stephen Welby, DASD (SE)/ASD (R&E)

Track 2 - ERS Anchor Technologies and Capabilities

  • 16934 - Engineered Resilient Systems Architecture - Dr. Cary Butler, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development  Center
  • 17033 - Collaboration Infrastructure for Agile Model-Based Design - Dr. Steven Bankes, BAE Systems
  • 16896 - Engineered Resilient Systems: Tradespace Enabled Decision Making - Dr. Tommer Ender, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Track 2 Computational Representation: Core ERS Component

  • 16975 - Engineered Resilient Systems for Ship Design and Acquisition - Mr. Adrian Mackenna, Engineered Resilient Systems for Ship Design and Acquisition
  • 17032 - Environmental Simulation in Support of Engineered Resilient - Mr. David Richards, U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
  • 17039 - Computational Research and Engineering Acquisition Tools and Environments (CREATE) Program - Dr. Douglass Post, ERDC ERDC High Performance Computing Modernization Program

Track 2 Maturing ERS Capabilities

  • 17040 - Engineering Data Visualization Efforts for Engineered Resilient Systems - Mr. Robert O'Bara, Kitware, Inc.
  • 16993 - Optimizing Systems Architecture and Whole of Life Costs Through Design Profit®. - Mr. David Foreman, Munro & Associates, Inc.
  • 16873 - Whole System Trades Analysis Transforming the Way We Do Business - Mr. Troy Peterson,Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 17014 - Innovation Platforms: the Next Phase in IT for Model-Based Engineering - Dr. Marc Halpern, Gartner

Track 3 Systems Engineering Effectivness

  • 16951 - Department of Defense Systems Engineering Policy and Guidance - Ms. Aileen Sedmak, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 16961 - The Integrated Systems Engineering Framework (isef ) - Dr. Edward Umpfenbach, U.S. Army TARDEC
  • 16936 - U.S. Air Force Engineering Enterprise Update Responding to SecAF Challenge - Ms. Susan Thornton, Headquarters Air Force Material Command
  • 16838 - Panel: Systems Engineering Streamlining - Budget-Constrained Strategies for Systems Engineering Excellence in DoD Acquisition
    Moderator: Ms. Gretchen Lizza, U.S. Navy
  • 16885 - Employing a Repeatable Systems Approach for Developing Performance-based Requirements for Policy Implementation, Acquisition for Services, and Product Development - Mr. Philip Lindeman, Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation
  • 16978 - The Business Case for Systems Engineering: Comparison of Defense-Domain and Non-Defense Projects - Mr. Joseph Elm, Software Engineering Institute
  • 16863 - Techniques for Conducting Effective Concept Design and Design-to-Cost Trade Studies - Mr. David Di Pietro, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
  • 16925 - Resolving the Conflict Between Acquisition Affordability, Total Ownership Cost and Maximum Military Performance-Dr. Craig Ardnt, Defense Acquisition University
  • 16830 - Implementing Structured Requirements to Improve Requirements Quality - Dr. Ronald Carson, The Boeing Company
  • 16826 - Integrated Systems Engineering Tool Suite - Mr. Alan Banks, L-3 Communications, Maritime Systems

Track 4 M&S Transitioning to MBSE

  • 16846 - Transforming Systems Engineering through a Holistic Approach to Model Based Systems Engineering - Dr. Mark Blackburn, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 17048 - From Theory to Reality: Taking the Fear Out of Model-Based Systems Engineering - Mr. Christopher Finlay, Raytheon Company
  • 16810 - Practical Implementation of Model-Based Systems Development - Mr. Thomas Landers, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 16889 - Developing a Cube Sat Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model - Mr. David Kaslow
  • 17023 - Use of Model-Based Design Methods for Enhancing Reliability of Self Adaptive Systems - Ms. Lenora Knox, The George Washington University

Track 4 M&S in Concept Maturation

  • 17044 - Integrated Model Framework for Concept Development - Mr. Christopher Hoffman, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • 16937 - A Virtual Simulation Platform for Conceptual Design, Testing, and Verification of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Dr. Simon Briceno, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 16963 - On the Use of Analytic Availability Models in the Acquisition Process - Dr. John MacCarthy, Institute for Defense Analyses

Track 4 M&S - Integrated SE Environments

  • 16876 - Increasing Legacy System Utilization via an Integrated Training Environment - Dr. Federica Robinson-Bryant, PEO for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation

Track 5 Agile

  • 16853 - Systems Engineering on Large-scale Agile Software Development Programs - Mr. William Menner, The Johns Hopkins University/ Applied Physics Lab
  • 17038 - The Impacts of Agile Development on the System Engineering Process - Mr. Robert McCaig, ASSETT, Inc.
  • 17015 - Domain Independent Agile Systems Engineering and a Life Cycle Model Development Project - Mr. Rick Dove, Paradigm Shift International
  • 16931 - Does Use of Agile Practices Support Affordability? - Dr. Shawn Rahmani, The Boeing Company
  • 16958 - Bringing Focus to an R&D Project Through the Application of Agile Techniques - Mr. Timothy Sliski, Raytheon Company

Track 5 DT&E

  • 17005 - Developmental Test and Evaluation Committee Results and Plans - Mr. Joe Manas, Raytheon Company
  • 16848 - The Chief Developmental Tester and Industry Test Lead - Partnering for Success - Mr. Joe Manas, Raytheon Company
  • 17021 - Shifting Digital Constructs and Testing to the Left - Mr. Anthony Devino, ASN RDA T&E
  • 16953 - The DT&E Strategy Story: Developmental Evaluation Framework to STAT-based Test Design - Dr. Suzanne Beers, The MITRE Corporation
  • 16911 - Use of Automated Testing to Facilitate Affordable Design of Military Systems - CAPT Paul Van Benthem, USN, DASN (RDT&E)

Track 6 Net OPS/Interoperability

  • 16918 - Panel: The New Policy & Process for Interoperability of Information Technology to Include National Security Systems and Defense Business Systems
    Moderator: Mr. Jack Zavin, OUSD(AT&L)/DASD(C3CB)
  • 16917 - Kickoff/Context for NCO Interoperability - Mr. Jack Zavin, OUSD (AT&L/DASD (C3CB)
  • 16841 - An Approach to Achieving Digital Interoperability for the DoD: A Discussion of the Joint Staff J6 Coordinated Implementation Methodology - Ms. Marsha Mullins, Joint Staff Hampton Roads
  • 16835 - Defense Intelligence Information Enterprise (DI2E) - Dr. Naz Azizian, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Intel
  • 17029 - Engineering Networks with Predictable Performance Using a Virtual Emulation Environment - COL Charles Burdick, USA (Ret), Innovative Decisions, Inc

Track 6 Affordability

  • 16850 - MORS Affordability Analysis Concepts and Applications - Dr. Lisa Oakley-Bogdewic, The MITRE Corporation
  • 16847 - Divestment Methods for Strategic Choices - Dr. Lisa Oakley-Bogdewic, The MITRE Corporation
  • 16928 - Instituting a Value Engineering (VE) Program to Improve the Efficiencies of Both Products and Services at the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) - Dr. William McDaniel, The Johns Hopkins University/ Applied Physics Lab


Thursday, October 30, 2012

Track 1 ESOH

  • 16977 - ODUSD (I&E) Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) in Acquisition Initiatives in 2014 - Mr. David Asiello, ODUSD (I&E)/S&T
  • 16980 - Smarter Hazardous Materials Management for DoD Systems Acquisition - Mr. Timothy Sheehan, Raytheon Company
  • 16940 - Role of Noise Control in Systems Engineering, Process Control and Human Risk Reduction - Mr. Kurt Yankaskas, Office of Naval Research
  • 16988 - ESOH in Early SE Development Planning - Is It Really Important? - Mr. Jim Rudroff, OASN EIE/ODASN
  • 16979 - The Case for a Single DoD NEPA Implementing Regulation - Mr. George Evans, Prospective Technology Incorporated
  • 17001 - Proposed ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard Development Status Update and Potential Impacts to U.S. DoD MIL-STD-882E - Mr. Kenneth Clayman, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 16987 - Software Safety Assessment - A New Requirement? - Mr. Robert Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 16989 - Noise Control Roadmap for Significant Noise Hazardous Work Operations in DoD - Ms. Joy Erdman, U.S. Navy
  • 16991 - Projects of the Deployments and Operations Working Group - Mr. Alfred Rice, Joint Staff
  • 16938 - Application of Process Management Approaches to Reduce Occupational Diseases and Injuries Among Users of Power Hand Tools While Improving Quality and Productivity - Mr. Mark Geiger, Naval Safety Center Liaison Office
  • 16985 - ESOH Risk Assessment and Acceptance - The Basics (Part 1) - Mr. Sherman Forbes, SAF/AQRE
  • 16985 - ESOH Risk Assessment and Acceptance - The Basics (Part 2) - Mr. Sherman Forbes, SAF/AQRE

Track 2 ERS Selected Topics

  • 16881 - Designing Resiliency into Critical Infrastructure Systems - Dr. Warren Vaneman, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 16948 - Making Cost Effective Decisions in Early Program Phases Despite Lack of Data - An Analytical Approach - Mr. Robert Hell, Systecon
  • 17050 - Application of Epoch-Era Analysis to the Design of Engineered Resilient Systems - Mr. Michael Curry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Track 2 SOS - Engineering Approaches For SOS

Track 2 SOS - Applications of SOS SE

  • 16902 - Contingency Base Infrastructure - Modeling Contingency Base Camps Using System of Systems Systems Engineering and Analysis - Ms. Jennifer Johnson, Product Director Contingency Base Infrastructure
  • 17002 - Defining the Electronic Health Record as a System of Systems - Mr. Thomas Britten, Deloitte Consulting, LLP
  • 16832 - Achieving a Decision Paradigm for Distributed Warfare Resource Management - Ms. Bonnie Young, Naval Postgraduate School

Track 2 SOS - Tools ND Approach to SOS Engineering and Analysis

  • 17020 - An Analytic Work Bench Perspective to Evolving System of System Architectures - Dr. Navindran Davendralingam, Purdue University
  • 16906 - Towards Technical Reference Frameworks to Support Open System Architecture Initiatives - Dr. Douglas Schmidt, Software Engineering Institute
  • 16919 - Model-Based Product Line Engineering-Variations on a Theme - Mr. Matthew Hause, Atego
  • 16957 - Systems Engineering Processes for the Integrated Live, Virtual Constructive (LVC) Test & Evaluation (T&E) Environment (ILTE) - Mr. Frank Carr, The MITRE Corporation

Track 3 DoD Standards and HIS

  • 17103 - DoD Systems Engineering Standardization Initiative - Mr. David Davis, USAF Space and Missile Systems Center
  • 17019 - Cluster Analysis: A Method for Analyzing the HSI Backlog in Agile Development - Ms. Ariana Kiken, Pacific Science and Engineering Group
  • 17027 - The Human Systems Integration Framework (HSIF): Defining a New Role to Enhance Cross Domain Collaboration - Dr. Matthew Risser, Pacific Science & Engineering Group
  • 16831 - Physical Mockups: Redefining the Collaborative Work Environment and Improving Human Systems Integration (HSI) - Ms. Jessica Vomocil, L-3 Communications Maritime Systems
  • 16877 - Human Systems Integration Assessment Methodology in Air Force Acquisition - Mr. Jon Coleman, U.S. Air Force Research Lab, 711 Human Performance Wing
  • 16923 - Model Based Soldier Decision Framework - Mr. David Chau, U.S. Army RDECOM ARDEC

Track 3 Systems Engineering Effectivness

  • 16945 - Panel: Transitioning Systems Engineering Research into Programs and Practice
    Moderator: Mr. Scott Lucero, ODASD Systems Engineering
    • Dr. Steven Bankes, Chief Engineer, BAE Systems
    • Dr. Barry Horowitz, Munster Professor of Systems and Information Engineering, UVA
    • Dr. Marc Halpern, Vice President for Design, Engineering and Product Lifecycle Research, Gartner
    • Ms. Lisa Graf, Program Manager, Integrated SE Framework, U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command
  • 16959 - DASD(SE) Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Initiatives - Mr. Andrew Monje, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 16912 - Analysis of Factors Influencing ADS-B Program Success - Mr. Mark Lorenz, Exelis
  • 16856 - Linking Requirements Change to Project Performance - Ms. Sherrica Holloman, Aerospace Corporation
  • 17028 - Agility in Defense SE and Acquisition: Some Critical Success Factors - Dr. Barry Boehm, USC

Track 4 Joint Systems Engineering Effectiveness & M&S Building the System Model

  • 16969 - Digital System Model and Technical Data - Ms. Philomena Zimmerman, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 16968 - Determining the Contents of the Digital System Model - Dr. Thomas Christian, USAF SAF/AQR
  • 16967 - Adopting Digital Representations for Use in Systems Engineering - Mr. Kris Romig, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center

Track 4 M&S - M&S Data & Tools

  • 16855 - Using the Defense M&S Catalog to Support Systems Engineering - Mr. Jeff Bergenthal, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
  • 17013 - Discovery of Modeling and Simulation Assets to Support Systems Engineering - Mr. Frank Mullen, SimVentions, Inc.
  • 17030 - A World Report on the State of Systems Engineering Tools as Learned from the INCOSE 2014
  • Tool Vendor Challenge - Mr. Frank Salvatore, Engility Corporation

Track 4 Joint DT&E, M&S, & NCO/Interoperability

  • 16854 - Live Synthetic Enterprise Architecture for U.S. Army Training and Test & Evaluation - Mr. Frank Mullen, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
  • 16891 - Simulation, Analysis, and Visualization for Integrated Fire Control Counter Air Engagement - Ms. Tammy McNeley, Lockheed Martin Corporation


  • 16901 - Integration of Decision Analysis with the System Model Shows Value of SE with Reasonable, Defensible Actions - Mr. Richard Swanson, DRC/Engility
  • 16908 - A Modeling and Simulation Strategy for Uncertainty Reduction in System-of-Systems Engineering - Mr. Raymond Deiotte, Innovative Support Services& Consulting
  • 16844 - Using Game Theory for Optimizing Trade Studies in Systems Engineering - Ms. Jennifer Mills, NAVSEA

Track 5 DT&E

  • 16879 - The Air Force Test Center Value to the Acquisition Process and Our Customers - Dr. Elisabetta Jerome, Air Force Test Center
  • 16884 - System Test Management Using MBSE Methods - Mr. Ronald Kratzke, Vitech Corporation
  • 16858 - Test Planning - Advancing the Science - Mr. Stephen Scukanec, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • 16868 - Implement an Automation Culture: Prevention Over Detection - Ms. Elfriede Dustin, IDT

Track 5 E&T

  • 16798 - Industry Certifications as a Prospective Framework for DoD Contractor Workforce Development - Dr. Bryan Herdick, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
  • 16836 - Accelerating the Development of Senior Technical Leaders - Dr. Michael Pennoti, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 16857 - Summary of Findings from the Helix Project (2013-14): An Investigation of the DNA of the Systems Engineering Workforce - Mr. Devanandham Henry, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 16952 - Developing the U.S. Department of Defense Engineering Workforce - Ms. Aileen Sedmak, ODASD Systems Engineering
  • 16995 - Autopsy of a Good Systems Engineer An Endangered Species - Mr. Jimmy Thai, SAIC
  • 16920 - Struggles at the Frontiers of Workforce Development in the Acquisition and Development of Software Intensive Systems - Dr. Kenneth Nidiffer Carnegie Mellon University
  • 17037 - Open Systems Architecture and Intellectual Property Rights in ENG 301 - Mr. William Decker, Defense Acquisition University

Track 6 Architecture & Strategy

  • 16909 - Capability Based Technical Reference Frameworks for Open System Architecture Implementations - Mr. Nickolas Guertin, DASN RDT&E
  • 17036 - SAVI Support of DoD Architecture Centric Virtual Integration - Dr. David Redman, AVSI

Track 6 Joint Architecture & Systems Engineering Effectiveness

  • 16919 - Model-Based Product Line Engineering - Variations on a Theme - Mr. Matthew Hause, Atego
  • 16859 - A Systems Engineering Approach to Architecture Development - Mr. David Di Pietro, NASA /Goddard Space Flight Center
  • 16801 - Differentiating System Architectures - Dr. Ronald Carson, The Boeing Company

Track 6 Architecture & Requirements

  • 16905 - Set-Based Design in Requirements Development - Dr. Norbert Doerry, NAVSEA (SEA 05T)
  • 16807 - Requirement Based Engineering Management Process to Minimize the Design Defects - Ms. Dilek Karaca, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI)
  • 17026 - Analysis of System Synergies and Conflicts - Dr. Barry Boehm, USC

Track 6 Architecture Applications

  • 16775 - Model Based System Engineering Applied to Program Oversight and Complex System of System Analysis - Dr. Jerry Couretas, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 17006 - Test Perspectives for Architecture - Mr. Joe Manas, Raytheon Company
  • 16939 - A Technical Architecture for Arctic Security: How System Architecture Analysis Can Inform Gaps in Policy - Mr. Thomas McDermott, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 16845 - An Architecture for Agile Systems Engineering of Secure Commercial-off-theshelf (COTS) Mobile Communications - Mr. Jamieson Gump, The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab