12th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

"Achieving Acquisition Excellence Via Effective Systems Engineering"

26 - 29 October 2009

San Diego, CA


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Plenary Session 1 - Introduction & Opening Remarks

  • Mr. Bob Rassa, Director, Systems Supportability, Raytheon; Chair, Systems Engineering Division, NDIA

Keynote Address:

  • Honorable Zachary J. Lemnios, Director, Defense Research and Engineering, Office of the Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics)

Plenary Session 2 - Service Acquisition Executives
View From the Top: How Can SE Support Program Execution?
Moderator: Mr. Terry Jaggers, Principal Deputy, Systems Engineering, Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering

  • Mr. David G. Ahern, Director, Portfolio Systems Acquisition, Office of the Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics)
  • Mr. Thomas E. Mullins, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Plans, Programs and Resources (SAAL-ZR), Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology)
  • Mr. Christopher A. Miller, PEO for Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I), ASNRDA
  • Mr. Randall G. Walden, Director, Information Dominance Programs, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition), AFRCO

Lunch with Speaker in the Regatta Pavilion

  • Mr. Stephen Welby, Director, Systems Engineering, Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering

Plenary Session 3 - Test & Evaluation Executives
View From the Top: How SE Can Support Developmental Test and Evaluation?
Moderator: Mr. Jim O'Bryon, The O'Bryon Group; Chair, Test and Evaluation Division

Plenary Session 4 - SE and Acquisitions Reform: The Way Ahead
Moderator: Mrs. Kristen BaldwinMrs. Kristen Baldwin, Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering

  • Mr. Ross Guckert, Office of the Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT))
  • Mr. Carl Siel, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development and Acquisition (ASN(RDA)CHSENG)
  • Colonel Shawn Shanley, USAF, Chief Systems Engineer, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Science, Technology, and Engineering (SAF/AQR)
  • Mr. Nicholas Torelli, Office of the Director, Defense Research and Engineering


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Concurrent Sessions
Track 1 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness - Bayview III

  • 8851 - Rapid Development and Integration of Remote Weapon Systems to Meet Operational Requirements, Mr. Joseph Burkart, NSWC Crane, Small Arms Air Platform Integration
  • 8893 - Rapid Development, Mr. Michael Gaydar, NAVAIR
  • 8847 - Tailoring the SE Process to Effectively Complement the SW Agile Development Process, Mr. William Lyders, ASSETT Inc.
  • 8902 - Systems Engineering Leading Indicators: Insight into Effective Systems Engineering, Mr. Gary Roedler, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 9414 - Correcting Deficiencies in the Systems Engineering of Tactical Weapons, Mr. Marvin Ebbert, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 8948 - Value Engineering Applications in Service Contracts, Dr. Jay Mandelbaum, Value Engineering Applications in Service Contracts
  • 8816 - Mind the GAPs-a Systems Engineering Implementation of DoDI 5000.02, Dr. Thomas Christian, U. S. Air Force
  • 8990 - Systems Engineering for Rapid Capability Development, Mr. Thomas McDermott, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 8974 - Transforming Systems and Software Engineering Across an Enterprise, Mr. Jeffery Wilcox, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 8863 - Using Requirements Compliance to Identify Gaps Between the Technical Solution and Requirements, Mr. Frank Salvatore, High Performance Technologies, Inc.
  • 8823 - Win and Influence Design Engineers---Change Their Affordability DNA, Mr. Tim Morrill, Raytheon Company

Track 2 - Early System Engineering - Bayview II

  • 8951 - USAF View of NRC Pre-A Systems Engineering Study Committee Recommendations As Addressed By Levin-McCain (P.L. 111-23; Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009), Mr. Jeff Loren, SAF/AQR (Alion Science & Technology)
  • 8846 - Air Force Materiel Command Early Systems Engineering, Dr. Brian Kowal, USAF
  • 9016 - A Framework for Enhancing Forward-looking Capability Delivery Metrics, Mr. Leonard Sadauskas, DoD CIO CT&S
  • 9082 - Including Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) Requirements in Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) Documents, Mr. Sherman Forbes, U.S. Air Force
  • 8835 - T&E Collaboration and Contributions during Early Program Acquisition, Mr. Stephen Scukanec, Northrop Grumman Corporation Aerospace Systems
  • 8795 - Mission-based Test and Evaluation Strategy: Creating Linkages between Technology Development and Mission Capability, Mr. John Beilfuss, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
  • Panel Topic: 8924, 8925 , 8933 - Early Systems Engineering in DoDI 5000.02, Dr. Judith Dahmann, Ms. Lisa Reuss, Ms. Sharon Vannucci, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 8949 - Updated DoD 5000 and CJCS 3170 Policies: A Requirements to Acquisition Gap Analysis, Mr. John Lohse, Raytheon Company
  • 8813 - Emerging Roles for Systems Engineering in Defense Decision Making; Better Aligning Requirements and Acquisition with the Budget and Security Environments, Mr. Vincent Roske, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • 9026 - Early SE Determination of Best-Fit System Life Cycle Processes, Dr. Barry Boehm, USC

Track 3 - Technology Maturity - Bayview I

  • 8991 - Systems Engineering for the Science & Technology Community, Mr. Russell Menko, U. S. Army RDECOM/TARDEC
  • 9017 - Linking Systems Engineering Artifacts with Complex Systems Maturity Assessments, Dr. Brian Sauser, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 8770 - Incorporating Maturity Assessment into House of Quality for Improved Decision Support Analysis and Risk Management, Mr. Pavel Fomin, U.S. Air Force
  • 8798 - The New Technology Readiness Assessment Process, Dr. Jay Mandelbaum, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • 8870 - S&T Portfolio Maturity & Performance Analysis: The Concept of Critical Research Elements, Mr. Has Patel, Infologic, Inc.
  • 8879 - TRL Vectors in IPPD-based Portfolio Management, Mr. Michael Bartmess, General Dynamics/AIS
  • 8963 - Air Force Concept Maturity Assessment, Mr. George Freeman, U.S. Air Force, Center for Systems Engineering
  • 8900 - DOD's Weapon System Portfolio: Are Results Getting Any Better?, Mr. Michael Sullivan, U.S. Government
  • 8894 - Air Force Initiative - High Confidence Technology Transition Planning Through the Use of Stage-Gates - Update, Mr. Randy Bullard, U.S. Air Force Materiel Command
  • 8891 - A comprehensive overview of techniques for measuring system readiness, Mr. James Bilbro, JB Consulting International

Track 4 - Test and Evaluation of SOS - Mission I

  • 8825 - Test and Evaluation in a System of Systems Environment, Mr. Edwin McDermott, 653 ELSW, Electronic Systems Center
  • 8849 - Joint Integration and Interoperability Lab (JSIIL), Mr. Steven Whitehead, SL, J8 Technical Director, USJFCOM
  • 8935 - Systems of Systems Systems Engineering and Test and Evaluation, Dr. Judith Dahmann, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E/MITRE

Track 4 - Practical Systems Engineering - Mission I

  • 9014 - SAVI: Aerospace Platform Development and Certification Using Modeling and Simulation to Integrate, then Build, Mr. Gregory Pollari, Rockwell Collins
  • 8855 - Certify and Fly Right: Preparing for DO-297 Certification, Mr. Ketih Custer, Esterline Control Systems-AVISTA
  • 8973 - C-17 Transition to Criteria-based Airworthiness Certification, Mr. Christian Stillings, USAF 516 AESG

Track 4 - Test and Evaluation - Mission I

  • 8848 - Integrated Testing: We Can Do It, Dr. Beth Wilson, Raytheon Company
  • 8882 - Test & Evaluation Strategy for the Technology Development Phase, Ms. Darlene Mosser-Kerner, OUSD(AT&L)/DDR&E/DT&E
  • 8883 - Test & Evaluation Products for the Systems Engineering Reviews, Mr. Woody Eischens, OUSD(AT&L)/DDR&E/DT&E
  • 8814 - Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC), Lowering technical Risk by Improving Distributed Test Capabilities, Mr. Chip Ferguson, JMETC
  • 8901 - Review Results of the NDIA/OSD Software Test Summit/Workshop, Mr. Thomas Wissink, Lockheed Martin IS&GS

Track 5 - Human Systems Integration - Mission II

  • 8998 - Human Systems Integration - Ensuring the Human is Considered Left of A, Col Larry Kimm, USAF, U.S Air Force
  • 8885 - Human Systems Integration (HSI) - Integrating Human Concerns into Life Cycle Systems Engineering, Ms. Cynthia Shewell, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 9012 - Human Systems Integration: Defining and Validating a Framework for Enhanced Systems Development, Dr. Matthew Risser, Pacific Science & Engineering Group
  • 8975 - What is Human Systems Integration (HSI) and why should we do it?, Mr. Stuart Booth, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 9042 - Bounding the Human Within the System, Mr. Michael Mueller, U.S. Air Force Center for Systems Engineering
  • 8829 - The Army Health Hazard Assessment Program's Medical Cost Avoidance Model, Dr. Timothy A. Kluchinsky, Department of Army

Track 5 - System Safety - ESOH - Mission II

  • 9095 - Using Proposed MIL-STD-882 Change 1 For Hazardous Materials Management, Ms. Karen Gill, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 8890 - Building Safer UGVs with Run-time Safety Invariants, Mr. Michael Wagner, Carnegie Mellon University, NREC
  • Sherman Forbes, U.S. Air Force
  • 882D - Overview of Draft MIL-STD-882D With Change 1, Mr. Bob Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 9070 - Improving Safety Technology Insertion in DoD Acquisition Programs, Dr. Elizabeth Rodriguez-Johnson, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 9094 - DoD Green Procurement Program Update and Path Forward, Mr. David Asiello, Office of the Secretary of Defense
  • 9091 - Environment, Safety, and Occupational Health (ESOH) Risk and Technology Requirements Reporting at Acquisition Program Reviews, Ms. Lucy Rodriguez, Booz Allen Hamilton

Track 6 - System of Systems - Mission III

  • 8898 - Designing Collaborative Systems of Systems in support of Multi-sided Markets, Mr. Philip Boxer, SEI
  • 8892 - SysML Strategies to Characterize and Analyze Systems of Systems, Dr. Jo Ann Lane, University of Southern California
  • 9041 - On Modeling and Simulation Methods for Capturing Emergent Behaviors for Systems of Systems, Dr. Jack Zentner, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 9060 - M&S Support for SoS SE, Dr.Joann Lane, USC
  • 8776 - The Modular SOS Paradigm: an Availability Paradox?, Mr. Peter Gentile, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • 8866 - Extending FMECA to Systems of Systems, Mr. Leopoldo Mayoral, Johns Hopkins University/APL
  • NDIA SoS Committee Report, Dr. Judith Dahman, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E/MITRE
  • 8960 - A Distillation of Lessons Learned from Complex System of Systems Acquisitions, Dr. Richard Turner, Stevens Institute
  • 8784 - Establishing a Departmental-Level Systems-of-Systems Engineering Management Construct for the Department of the Navy, Progress Report, Mr. John Kevin Smith, Asst Sec of the Navy for RD&A, Chief Engineer
  • 8942 - DoD Systems of Systems Update, Dr. Judith Dahmann, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E/MITRE
  • 8961 - Engineering Systems of Systems: An Integration Perspective, Dr. Emmett Maddry, NSWCDD

Track 7 - Program Management - Palm I

  • 8979 - Boots on the Ground: Tactical Planning at Program Start Up, Mr. Gerry Becker, Harris Corporation
  • 8999 - Program Signature Measurement, Mr. James Thompson, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 9103 - The Economics of CMMI®, Mr. Geoff Draper, Harris
  • 8995 - Integrated Systems Engineering and Developmental Test and Evaluation, Mr. Chris DiPetto, DUSD(A&T)/SSE
  • 9021 - Critical Success Factors for Milestone Review Risk Identification, Dr. Barry Boehm, USC
  • 9030 - Lessons Learned in Motivating Software Engineering Process Group to Focus on Achieving Business Goals and Not on Just Achieving a Maturity Level, Mr. Girish Seshagiri, Advanced Information Services Inc.
  • 9003 - CMMI® for Executives, Mr. Geoff Draper, Harris Corporation
  • 9034 - Sustainment and Continued Institutionalization of Best Practices and CMMI® at SPAWAR, Mr. Michael Kutch, SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic
  • 8791 - Cost and Risk Impacts of the New DOD 5000 Defense Acquisition Framework, Dr. Peter Hantos, The Aerospace Corporation
  • 8895 - A Comprehensive Review of Maturity Assessment Approaches for Improved Defense Acquisition, Ms. Nazanin Azizian, The George Washington University

Track 8 - Net-Centric Operations/Interoperability - Palm II

  • 8874 - The Boeing System of Systems Engineering (SoSE) Process and Its Use in Developing Legacy-Based Net-Centric Systems of Systems, Mr. John Palmer, The Boeing Company
  • 9010 - Network Enabled Weapons, A System Engineering Approach to Achieve Interoperabilty, Mr. Andrew Lieux, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division
  • 8854 - Human Interoperability Enterprise and Net Centric Operations, Mr. Jack Zavin, ASD (NII)
  • 8780 - Net-Centric Best Practices, Mr. Hiekeun Ko, JPEO-CBD - Software Support Activity
  • 8788 - Data sharing in a Stability Operations Community of Interest: Utilizing a pilot program to prove concepts and develop trust., Mr. Gerald Christman, Femme Comp Inc.
  • 8853 - C4I Architecture for Joint ASW, Mr. Gregory Miller, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 8929 - Extending Net-Centric Quality of Service to Systems of Systems, Maj Vinod Naga, USAF, Air Force Institute of Technology
  • 9081 - Testing in Service-oriented Environments, Mr. Soumya Simanta, SEI
  • 8913 - Linking Interoperability and Measures of Effectiveness: A Method for Evaluating Architectures, Dr. David Jacques, Air Force Institute of Technology

Track 8 - Speciality Engineering - Palm II

  • 8944 - DoD's Refocus on Specialty Engineering (Reliability, Availability and Maintainability; Producibility and Quality, Supportability, Safety and Human Systems Integration), Mr. Chester Bracuto, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 9043 - Implementing the Materiel Availability KPP in DoD acquisition programs-balancing life-cycle costs with warfighter needs, Mr. Grant Schmieder, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 8873 - IUID enables streamlined acquisition and system engineering, Mr. Robert Leibrandt, DoD UID Policy Office
  • 8958 - Security Systems Engineering, Mrs. Kristen Baldwin, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Concurrent Sessions
Track 1 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness - Bayview III

  • 8887 - Achieving a Systems Engineering Culture in a Science and Technology Laboratory Environment, Mr. Robert Rapson, Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, AFRL
  • 8920 - A Methodology for Assessing Systems Engineering Practices, Ms. Lauren Levy, Johns Hopkins University/APL
  • 9097 - Acquisition ESOH Risk Management-How to Make It Work, Mr. Bob Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton

Track 1 - Architecture - Bayview III

  • 8831 - Human-Centered Design in Systems Engineering: Human View Methodology, Dr. Robert Smillie, SPAWAR
  • 8830 - Systems Engineering Needs of the DoDAF - Report of the Architecture Frameworks Working Group, Mr. Joe Kuncel, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • 8824 - Delivering DoDAF Version 2.0 to Architects and Systems Engineers for IT Systems and Services, Mr. Walt Okon, Department of Defense, CIO, Enterprise Architecture
  • 8971 - Advancing Systems Engineering Practice using Model Based System Development, Mr. Sanford Friedenthal, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 9004 - Evolving Systems Engineering through Model Driven Functional Analysis, Dr. Mark Blackburn, Systems and Software Consortium

Track 2 - Logistics Systems - Bayview II

  • 9063 - An Integrated RAM Approach to System Design and Support, Mr. Robert Finlayson, Johns Hopkins University/APL
  • 9031 - Supportability Lessons Learned with Line Replaceable Modules, Ms. Heity Hsiung, Raytheon Company
  • 8908 - Successful First AESA Deployment through Application of System Engineering, Mr. Scott Nichols, Raytheon Company
  • 9039 - Applying Systems Engineering to Fielded Weapon Systems and End-Items, Mr. Michael Ucchino, AF Center for Systems Engineering
  • 9008 - Upgrade Fluid System Filter Element Monitoring To Increase Operational Reliability and Support Condition Based Maintenance Capability, Mr. Gary Rosenberg, Constellation Technology Corportation
  • 8834 - Tailoring Systems Engineering for Technical Support of Legacy Products, Mr. Joseph Skandera, BAE Systems
  • 9092 - The role of simulation in tracking mobile assets using RFID technology, Mr. Swee Leong, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Track 3 - Modeling & Simulation - Bayview I

  • 8939 - Understanding the New DoD Instruction 5000.61: DoD Modeling & Simulation Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A), Mr. Michael Truelove, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 8950 - Live, Virtual, Constructive Architecture Roadmap: The Quest for Interoperability, Standards, and Reuse, Dr. Gary Allen, Joint Training Integration & Evaluation Center
  • 9048 - Revisions to the Acquisition Modeling & Simulation Master Plan, Mr. Stephen Swenson, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 8759 - A Systems Engineering Framework for Integrating M&S Development Best Practices, Dr. Katherine Morse, Johns Hopkins University/APL
  • 9052 - Best Practices in Contracting for Models, Simulations, and Associated Data, Mr. Dennis Shea, CNA
  • 8947 - Report on a Study on Management Concepts for Broadly-Needed Modeling and Simulation Tools in the U.S. Department of Defense, Dr. James Coolahan, Johns Hopkins University/APL
  • 8836 - Producibility Modeling & Simulation Needs for Early Systems Engineering Evaluations of Alternative Design Concepts, Dr. Al Sanders, Honeywell Aerospace
  • 8810 - Using Simulation to Define and allocate probabilistic Requirements, Ms. Yvonne Bijan, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
  • 8923 - Integration of Operational Simulations With Physics-Based Models For Engineering Analysis, Mr. Stephen Guest, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Track 4 - Practical Systems Engineering - Mission I

  • 8980 - Using Model-driven Engineering Techniques for Integrated Flight Simulation Development, Mr. Douglas Fiehler, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 9007 - Technology Maturation for the Automated Aerial Refueling (AAR) Project, Ms. Carol Ventresca, SynGenics Corporation
  • 8880 - Naval Postgraduate School Advanced Seabase Enabler Project: A Systems Engineering Case Study, Mr. Lance Flitter, NSWC, Carderock Division
  • 8946 - Protecting the Mission, Preserving Legacy and Promoting Growth, Ms. Patti Scaramuzzo, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 9054 - A-10 Avionics System Architecture Trade Study and Analysis (AVSATA) Program, Mr. Richard Sorensen, KIHO Military Acquisition Consulting, Inc.
  • 8976 - A Systems Engineering Model for Roadmap Alignment, Mr. Si Dok, U. S. Army TARDEC
  • 9080 - Rapid Systems Engineering of the MRAP Gunner Restraint System Saves Lives, Ms. Michelle Bowen, JPO MRAP
  • 9002 - Key Considerations for Building Highly Available, Mission-Critical Systems, Mr. Stephen Mills, GoAhead Software

Track 5 - Human Systems Integration - Mission II

  • 8937 - Integrating the Human into the system, integrating HSI Tools into Systems Engineering, Dr. Jennifer Narkevicius, Jenius LLC
  • 9064 - Economics of Human Systems Integration: Early Life Cycle Cost Estimation Using HSI Requirements, 2ndLt Kevin Liu, USMC, MIT
  • Proccess Management and tool selection to minimize risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome, Mr. Sherman Forbes, U.S. Air Force

Track 5 - Systems Engineering Development Environment - Mission II

  • 8945 - Standards Based Development Environment, Mr. Christopher Oster, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 8922 - The Role of DoD in Systems Engineering Standards and Models, Mr. Donald Gantzer, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 8844 - The Power of the Spec: Understanding the Many Diverse Roles in SE of Good Specifications & Standards., Mr. Robert Kuhnen, U.S. Air Force
  • 8967 - Generating Visual and Interactive Output from System Engineering Tools, Mr. John Schatz, Systems and Proposal Engineering Company
  • 9015 - Challenges and Benefits of applying ISO STEP, Mr. Stuart Booth, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 9059 - Smallsat Conceptual Design Trade and Cost Modeling Tool, Dr. Deganit Armon, Advatech Pacific, Inc

Track 6 - Enterprise Health Management - Mission III

  • 8815 - Applying Systems Engineering to Operational System Improvements, Ms. Ryanne Gentry, Acquisition Logistics Engineering
  • 8842 - Applications in Integrated Diagnostics, Mr. Jimmy Simmons, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 8884 - Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Integrated Diagnostics, Mr Lawrence Osentoski, DRIVE Developments, Inc.

Track 6 - System of Systems - Mission III

  • 8964 - Software Assurance in a System of Systems World: Interoperability Challenges - Reports from the Field, Dr. Carol Sledge, SEI
  • 8969 - An Introduction to Influence Maps: Foundations, Construction, and Use, Mr. James Smith, SEI
  • 9024 - Dynamic Modeling of Programmatic and Systematic, Dr. Brian Sauser, Purdue University
  • 8915 - System of Systems Challenges and Solutions: Case Study Insights, Mr. John Colombi, U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology

Track 7 - Work Force Development - Palm I

  • 8966 - Improving Systems Engineering Curriculum Using a Competency-Based Assessment Approach, Ms. Alice Squires, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 9088 - Enhancing Systems Engineering Competencies in the Enterprise, Mr. Gary Roedler, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 8789 - Achieving Acquisition Excellence via Improving the Systems-Engineering Workforce, Dr. Kenneth Nidiffer, SEI
  • 8926 - Systems Engineering Workforce Development Update, Dr. Don Gelosh, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 9076 - Assessing Systems Engineering Personnel Competency: Framework and Tool Experience, Dr. Barry Boehm, University of Southern California
  • 8943 - Team SE Skill Set, Mr. Charles Garland, U.S. Air Force Center for Systems Engineering
  • 8956 - Systems Engineering Approach to Workforce Development, Mr. James Miller, U.S. Air Force
  • 9046 - Developing an Introductory Systems Engineering Practitioners Course: Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) With SysML, Mr. Joseph Wolfrom, Johns Hopkins University/APL
  • 8878 - Advanced Simulation Course for Army Simulation Management Professionals, Dr. Gene Paulo, Naval Postgraduate School

Track 8 - Software Intensive Systems - Palm II

  • 8977 - Overview of DoD Software Engineering Initiatives, Mr. Scott Lucero, Systems Engineering Directorate, ODDR&E
  • 8820 - Graduate Software Engineering Reference Curriculum (GSwERC), Ms. Nicole Hutchison, Analytic Services, Inc.
  • 8739 - Quality Assessment of Software-Intensive System Architectures and their Requirements (QUASAR), Mr. Donald Firesmith, SEI
  • 8812 - A Systems Engineering Approach to Multi-Level Security in a Service Oriented Architecture, Mr. Timothy Greer, Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • 9104 - Static Code Analysis: Best Practices for Software Assurance in the Acquisition Life Cycle, Mr. Paul Croll, CSC
  • 8996 - Engineering Improvement in Software Assurance: A Landscape Framework, Ms. Lisa Brownsword, SEI
  • 8802 - Open Source Technology for Enterprise Health Management, Mr. Edward Beck, CSC
  • 8901 - Review Results of the NDIA/OSD Software Test Summit/Workshop, Mr. Thomas Wissink, Lockheed Martin IS&GS
  • 9506 - Software Acquisition Management Practical Experience, Mr. James Jones, SSAI