Insensitive Munitions & Energetic Materials Technology Symposium

"Innovative Insensitive Munition Solutions for Enhanced Warfighter Effectiveness"

23 - 26 April 2018

Portland, OR

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

20188 - IM Plans and JIMTP Future in the United States

20249 - U.S. Navy Insensitive Munitions Handbook


Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Session 2A - IM Requirements & Assessments
Session Chair: Wade Babcock, NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center

  • 20265 - Historical Review of Fragment Impact Standardization, Kathryn Hunt, MARCORSYSCOM (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20112 - Review and Update of STANAG 4496 Fragment Impact, Munitions Test Procedure, Christophe Jacq, DGA Missiles Testing (Presentation)
  • 20063 - US Navy Insensitive Munitions (IM) Munitions Reaction Evaluation Board (MREB), Ken Tomasello, Naval Ordnance Safety and Security Activity (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20137 - MSIAC Workshop 2018: Improved Explosives and Munitions Risk Management, Dr. Michael Sharp, NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center (Presentation)

Session 2B - Energetic Materials
Session Chair: Mike Ervin, BAE Systems

  • 20059 - A New IMI Systems Less Sensitive Brisant Explosive Composition, Dr. Gila Strul-Yudkiewicz, IMI Systems, (Presentation)
  • 20164 - New Polycarbonate-Based Thermoplastic Polyurethane Binder for HMX Based Explosives, Emily Robertson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 3A - Large Scale Testing 1
Session Chair: Michael Sharp, NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center

  • 20082 - Gun Launch and Setback Actuators, Dr. Ernest Baker, NATO MSIAC, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20183 - Fragment Impact Testing of the XM25, Nausheen Al-Shehab, US Army, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20118 - Advancing the Propane Fast Cookoff Burner and Testing, Dr. Ephraim Washburn, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20260 - Comparative Fire Response of Simulated Rocket Motors in Steel and Carbon Fiber Composite Missile Launching Canisters, Dr. Jon Yagla, Bowhead Technical Services, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 3B - Formulations
Session Chair: Paul Braithwaite, Orbital ATK

  • 20077 - Evaluation of Composition B Using Nano-Energetics, Philip Samuels, ARDEC, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20111 - Effect of Microstructure Control on the Reaction Characteristics In Al/Ni Reactive Powder, Dr. Sang-Hyun Jung, Agency for Defense Development (South Korea), (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20074 - Characterization of MTNP (1-Methyl-3,4,5-Trinitro-1,2-Pyrazole), Philip Samuels, ARDEC, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20069 - Influence of Concentration, Type and Particle Size of Fillers on the Dynamic Mechanical Behaviour of Elastomeric HTPB Binder, Manfred Bohn, Fraunhofer ICT, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 4A - Thermal Hazard Testing
Session Chair: Tom Swierk, Hart Technologies, Inc.

  • 20080 - Slow Heating Testing Survey and Historical Events Review, Dr. Ernest Baker, NATO MSIAC, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20126 - An Investigation into a Proper Heating Rate for Slow Cook-Off Testing, Dr. David Hubble, NSWC Dahlgren Division, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20267 - Insensitive Munitions Industry Contribution for New Stanag - AOP Editionof the Slow Heating Test, Yves Guengant, ARIANEGROUP SAS, (Presentation)
  • 20279 - Scaling of Fast Cook Off Fires Dr. Jon Yagla, Bowhead Technical Services, (Presentation)
  • 20258 - Cost of Propane Fast Cook-Off Testing, Dr. Ephraim Washburn, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 4B - EM Processing I
Session Chair: Ron Hollands, BAE Systems

  • 20145 - Property-Processing Implications in Additive Manufactured Materials for Munitions, Wade Babcock, NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center, (Presentation)
  • 20174 - Robust Enhanced Blast Explosive Manufacturing at Holston Army Ammunition Plant, Virgil Fung, BAE Systems, (Presentation)
  • 20155 - New NTO Workshop and Associated Product Characterizations, Arthur Delage, EURENCO, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20179 - Characterization of LX-14 FEM / PBXN-9 FEM High Energy Explosives, Brian Alexander, BAE Systems Inc, Ordnance Systems, (Presentation)
  • 20157 - Development of a CONUS Manufacturing Capability for FOX-7, Dr. Bradley Sleadd, NSWC IHEODTD, (Presentation, Paper)


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Session 5A - Large Scale Testing II
Session Chair: Ken Graham, Aerojet Rocketdyne

  • 20268 - An Explosive Fragment Projector for IM Testing, Tal Eliash, Rafael, (Paper)
  • 20273 - Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) of Insensitive Munitions: Challenges and Solutions, Patrick Brousseau, DRDC - Valcartier RC, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 5B - Energetic Materials II
Session Chair: Steve Nicolich, U.S. Army

  • 20172 - MDNT: IM Melt-Phase Energetic Binder, Omar Abbassi, US ARMY ARDEC, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20171 - Melt-Pour Explosive Formulation Development Featuring TNBA, Virgil Fung, BAE Systems, (Presentation)
  • 20166 - Particle Size and Surface Area Effects on the Initiation of Diaminoazoxyfurazan (DAAF), Elizabeth Francois, Los Alamos National Laboratory, (Presentation)
  • 20289 - Manufacturing of PAX-3 High Explosive, Sean Swaszek, ARDEC, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20153 - Qualification Of Malleable Plastic Explosive Hexomax and its Application in a Flexible Linear Shaped Charge System, Christelle Songy, EURENCO, (Paper)

Session 6A - Mitigation & Testing
Session Chair: Patrick Brousseau, DRDC - Valcartier RC

  • 20141 - Mitigation Technologies for Propulsion Applications, Christelle Collet, MSIAC, (Presentation)
  • 20154 - Sheet-metal Ammunition Packing Tray for Mitigation of Secondary Cook-off of Medium-caliber Ammunition, Greg Little, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20147 - Stopping KM/S Blunt Fragments and Limiting Shock Lensing with a New Advanced Energy Absorbing Composite, Dr. Gareth Tear, Synbiosys Ltd, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 6B - Synthesis
Session Chair: Matthew Andrews, NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center

  • 20123 - Modernization and Capabilities of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Pilot Facility for Remotely Controlled Energetic Materials Synthesis, Dr. Nathaniel Zuckerman, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20180 - Synthesis, Formulation, and Testing of 3,4-DNP, Dr. Jacob Morris, BAE Systems, (Presentation)
  • 20271 - Microfluidic Synthesis of Energetic Materials, Dr. Joe Scavuzzo, Orbital ATK, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20228 - Synthesis Development of Novel Energetic Ingredients, Dr. Sarah Headrick, BAE Systems, (Presentation)


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Session 7A - Systems I
Session Chair: Steve Struck, Energetic Materials Branch, Munitions Directorate

  • 20140 - Reaction Mechanisms for Rocket Motors, Christelle Collet, MSIAC, (Presentation)
  • 20114 - Life Cycle Demilitarization Considerations for IM Development, Gary Mescavage, PD Demil, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20274 - New Generation Influence Mine Classified as 1.6N, Björn Granqvist, OY FORCIT AB, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 7B - HE Characteristics
Session Chair: Melissa Mileham, Orbital ATK

  • 20081 - Gap Test Calculations and Correlations, Dr. Ernest Baker, NATO MSIAC, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20113 - Investigation of the Hugh James Criteria using Estimated Parameters, Dr. Justin Sweitzer, Practical Energetics Research, Inc, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 8A - Sub-Scale Testing I
Session Chair: Brian Fuchs

  • 20262 - Radiant Chamber for Fast Cook of Testing and Simulation, Dr. Jon Yagla, Bowhead Technical Services, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20121 - Validating Experiments for Vulnerability Calculations of Munitions and Lessons Learned, Gert Scholtes, TNO Defence, Safety & Security, (Presentation)
  • 20241 - Effect of Insensitive HE on Shaped Charge Jets, Werner Arnold, MBDA - TDW, (Paper)

Session 8B - Propellants
Session Chair: Jessica Vaughn

  • 20135 - The Unknown Detonation Transition (XDT) Mechanisms Associated with Damaged Rocket Propellant Impacting a Surface: Understanding and Applications to IM, Dr. Mark Pfeil, US Army AMRDEC, (Presentation)
  • 20115 - Innovative Nitrogen-doped Boron Propellants, Dr. Thelma Manning, US ARMY RDECOM ARDEC, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20264 - Insensitive Minimum Smoke Propellants, Dr. Thomas Deschner, Nammo Raufoss AS, (Paper)
  • 20152 - Increased Impulse of Solventless Extruded Double Base Rocket Propellant by Addition of High Explosives RDX And FOX-7, Erik Tunestål, Eurenco Bofors, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 9A - Modeling & Analysis
Session Chair: Gert Scholtes, TNO Defence, Safety & Security

  • 20259 - Fast Cook-Off Modeling and Simulation, Dr. Jon Yagla, Bowhead Technical Services, (Presentation)
  • 20269 - Thermal Modeling of Fast Cook-Offs, Dr. Markus Graswald, TDW GmbH, (Paper)
  • 20266 - An Approach to Predict the Cook-off Response of Confined and Vented Full Scale Munitions Based on Small Scale Tests, Dr. N. Albert Moussa, BlazeTech Corp, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 30000 - International Sympathetic Reaction Testing Survey, Dr. Ernest Baker, NATO MSIAC, (Presentation)
  • 20161 - Filling the Gap between the Initiation Behavior of Shaped Charge Jets and Fragments, Werner Arnold, MBDA - TDW, (Paper)

Session 9B - Sub-scale Testing II
Session Chair: Genevieve Eck, EURENCO

  • 20131 - Critical Diameter and Gap Tests for Hazard Classification of Solid Propellants and Motors, Cynthia Romo, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, (Presentation)
  • 20146 - Age-Related Mechanical Damage and Ageing of Munition Materials, Wade Babcock, NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center, (Presentation)
  • 20136 - Subscale Testing to Predict Full-Scale Response to Fragment Impact in Solid Propellants, Dr. Jamie Neidert, AMRDEC, (Presentation, Paper)

Session 10A - Systems II
Session Chair: Jamie Neidert, AMRDEC

  • 20150 - Heavyweight Torpedo Warhead - IM Assessment, Luc Chaffois, EURENCO, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20181 - Improving Knowledge of Tactical Rocket Motor Response under Insensitive Munition Threats: BI, FI and FH Tests Results of the Research Program, Laurent Bonhomme, ROXEL, (Presentation)
  • 20245 - IM Characteristics of Large Diameter Extruded Double Base Rocket Motors with Composite Cases, Joseph Bellotte, BAE Systems Inc. OSI, (Presentation)

Session 10B - EM Qualification & Sustainability
Session Chair: Andrew Wilson, Exploinsights

  • 20138 - Qualification and Energetic Materials Challenges, Dr. Matthew Andrews, NATO MSIAC, (Presentation)
  • 20163 - Impacts of REACh, ITAR and Other Regulations on Energetic Materials Sustainability, Geneviève Eck, EURENCO, (Presentation, Paper)
  • 20151 - Influence of Ageing on the Properties of IHE, Hendrik Radies, Rheinmetall Weapon & Munition, (Presentation, Paper)


DTIC Citations