Joint Armaments Conference, Exhibition & Firing Demonstration

"21st Century Weapons Systems - Providing the Right Response"

14 - 17 May 2012

Seattle, WA


Monday, May 14, 2012

Tutorials - Room 606

  • 13671 - The Effect of Using a System's Approach to Project Control within the U.S. Small Arms Defense Industry, Mr. Patrick Cantwell, George Washington University
  • Export Controls - Major ITAR Developments and Pitfalls in the International Supply Chain, Mr. Larry Christensen, Miller & Chevalier Chartered

Tutorials - Room 607

  • 14000 - 2012 ITAR Update and Review of the Basics, Mr. Jason Wong, Firearms Law Group
  • 14009 - Improve Your Industry Proposals by Understanding the JSSAP Competitive Proposal Evaluation Process and Tools Mr. Wai Luk, U.S. Army ARDEC

Tutorials - Room 606


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome and Administrative Remarks:

  • Mr. Dave Broden, President, Broden Resource Solutions, LLC; Armaments Division Chair

Keynote Address:

  • Col Tracy Tafolla, USMC, Director, Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate

Keynote Address:

  • Mr. George Solhan, SES, Deputy Chief of Naval Research, Expeditionary Warfare and Combating Terrorism; Director, Marine Corps S&T

Keynote Address: "Future Trends in Missile System Development"

  • Dr. Thomas Bussing, Vice President, Advanced Missiles and Unmanned Systems, Raytheon Missile Systems

Keynote Address:

  • Mr. Kent Holiday, Vice President and General Manager, ATK Small Caliber Systems, ATK Defense

Open-tip Match: When a Hollowpoint Isn't a Hollowpoint (13781)

  • Mr. Hays Parks, Former Senior Associate Deputy General Counsel (International Affairs), Office of General Counsel, Department of Defense

Awards Luncheon

  • Chinn Award presented to Mr. Dan Haywood, Director, Ground Weapons, USMC Presented by Mr. Sal Fanelli, USMC
  • Hathcock Award presented to MSgt Craig LaMudge, USAF (Ret), U.S. Army ARDEC Presented by Mr. Joel Goldman, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • Ambrose Award presented to Winchester Ammunition Presented by Mr. Steve Faintich, St. Marks Powder
  • Professional Service Award presented to Mr. Charlie Cutshaw, Independent Small Arms Editor & Technical Consultant Presented by Mr. Jim Schatz, LVT, Inc.
  • Military Operations Award presented to LTC Kelly Laughlin, USA, APDM, Guided Precision Munitions and Mortar Systems, PM CAS-IF Presented by Mr. Ed DePasqual, Nammo Talley, Inc.

Concurrent Sessions

Small Arms

Small Arms - JSSAST

  • 13939 - Joint Service Small Arms Synchronization Team (JSSAST)
    • Major Skip Barth, Acquisition Program Manager - PM Target Engagement Systems, SOF Warrior Systems, United States Special Operations Command
    • Mr. Charles Clark, Capabilities Development Directorate, Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps, Deputy Commandant, Combat Development & Integration
    • MSGT Patrick Flores, USAF Combat Arms Program, HQ Air Force Security Forces Center
    • Mr. Joel Goldman, Chief, JSSAP Office
    • LCDR Kenneth Nagie, Commandant (CG-721), Acting Chief, Office of Specialized Capabilities, Coast Guard Headquarters
    • Mr. Kevin Swenson, Acquisition Division Chief Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate
    • Mr. Chuck Zeller, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division - JXNF, Navy Technical Warrant Holder for Small Arms & Weapons
    • Small Arms Slide
  • PM Soldier Weapons Session, COL Scott Armstrong, Project Manager Soldier Weapons
  • PM MAS Session, COL Paul Hill, Project Manager Maneuver Ammunition Systems

Guns & Missiles

Guns & Missiles - Indirect Fires

  • 13683 - 175mm M113 Cannon: Historical Perspective on the Cannon that Changed our Cannon Design Process, Mr. David Smith, USA Benet Laboratories
  • 14034 - The 155mm Advanced Gun System Lite (AGS-L) for DDG - 51 Flight III, Mr. Brent Weyer, BAE Systems
  • 13663 - Examination of the Operational Benefits of the Indirect Fires Portfolio of Munitions, Mr. Jon Peoble, Raytheon Company

Guns & Missiles - Direct Fires

Guns & Missiles - Tactical Rockets & Missiles

  • 14015 - Javelin in Afghanistan: The Effective Use of an Anti-Tank Weapon for Counter- Insurgency Operations, Mr. Jerry Schlabach, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 14006 - APKWS II-Turning 2.75-Inch Rockets into Precision Guided Munitions, Mr. Charles Paras, U.S. Navy
  • 14016 - Design and Testing Update on Griffin® Ground Launched, Flexible Missile, Mr. Everett Tackett, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 14023 - Small Tactical Munition (STM) Air-Launched Weapon Design and Test Update, Mr. Cody Tretschok, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 14100 - Laser Pointer for Shoulder-Fired Weapons; An Evolving Capability for the User, Mr. Kevin Thomas, Nammo Talley, Inc.
  • 13985 - The AGM-114K2A Missile Enhanced Lethality Design and Test, Mr. Eric Gogley, Naval Air Warfare Center
  • 14014 - Design and Testing Update on Griffin® Air Launched, Flexible Missile, Mr. Everett Tackett, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • U.S. Army XM808 21mm Bunker Defeat Munition (BDM) Subcaliber Training System, Mr. Nick Adamo, Nammo Talley, Inc.
  • 14145 - Lightweight, High Performance Materials for 21ST Century Combat Systems, Mr. Mark Straszheim, Alcoa-Howmet
  • Missile Simulation in Support of Research, Development, Test Evaluation and Acquisition, Ms. Stephanie Brown Reitmeier, United States Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development, and Engineering Center

Guns & Missiles - Requirements & Trends

  • 14059 - Budget and Time-Constrained Failure Analysis in Modern Fuze Development, Mr. Thomas Bybee, ATK

Guns & Missiles - Fire Control

  • 13934 - Adaptable and Extensible Networked Fire Control System, Mr. Gregory Smith, BAE Systems
  • 13984 - Leveraging the Video Game Industry: User Telemetry for Armaments Fire Control, Mr. David Musgrave, U.S. Army, ARDEC
  • 14024 - An Historical Perspective of Fire Control, from Cannon Balls to Guided Munitions, Mr. Ralph Tillinghast, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14063 - Use of Magnetic North Finding Technology in Magnetically Unstable Environments in Fire Control Applications, Mr. Michael Wright, U.S. Army ARDEC

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments - Non-lethal Weapons

  • Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program (JNLWP) Project/Program Update
    • XM7 Spider Network Command Munition Dispensing Set, Mr. Ken Heider, Deputy Product Director Area Denial, PM Close Combat Systems
    • XM1112 Airburst Non-Lethal Munition, Mr. Percy Mistry, XM1112 Product Director, PM Crew Served Weapons
    • Improved Flash Bang Grenade (IFBG), Dr. Ken Tiedge, PhD
  • 14135 - Multi-Grenade Launcher System (MGLS) Mr. George Orrison, Metal Storm, Inc.
  • Legal Considerations for Emerging Armaments Tech, Mr. Hays Parks

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments - Directed Energy Weapons

  • 13712 - Modeling of Circuit Exposed to Backdoor UWB Pulse, Mr. James Burke, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 13999 - Miniature High-Power Microwave Systems Based on Explosive-Driven High-Voltage Ferroelectric Generators, Dr. Jason Baird, Loki, Inc.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Concurrent Sessions

Small Arms

Small Arms - Joint Services Small Arms Program

  • 13935 - Epilogue: Lightweight Small Arms Technologies, Mrs. Kori Phillips, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 13627 - Densified BALL POWDER® Cased Telescope Propelling Charge - LSAT Success, Mr. James Drummond, St. Marks Powder, Inc.
  • 13976 - Engineering Study for Polymer Cased Telescoped Ammunition, Mr. Christopher Perhala, Battelle
  • 13948 - Advanced Small Unit Small Arms Technology Concepts Research Program, Dr. Barton Halpern, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 13923 - Small Arms Material & Process Technology, Mr. Doug Witkowski, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14008 - Small Arms Grenade Munitions (SAGM), Mr. Chris Gandy, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 13912 - Small Arms Weapons & Fire Control, Dr. Eric Beckel, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 13642 - National Small Arms Center/National Small Arms Technology Consortium, Mr. Frank Puzycki, U.S. Army ARDEC

Small Arms - WeaponS

  • 13590 - The 7.62x35mm Low Visibility Carbine Mr. Robert Silvers, Advanced Armament
  • 13662 - A New Machine Gun - The Right Weapon Especially in Today's Environment, Mr. David Steimke, General Dynamics
  • 13969 - The M14 EBR - A Continuing Evolution, Mr. David Armstrong, NSWC Crane
  • 13982 - Overcoming Obsolescence and Upgrading Integrated Small Arms,  Mr. Joseph Burkart, NSWC Crane
  • 13992 - Lightening the Soldier's Load For Mounted Systems, Mr. James Murtaugh, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14007 - Small Arms Muzzle Flash Measurement, Mr. Owen Cramer, NSWC Crane
    • Muzzle Flash Measurement, Detection and Localization, John Hennage, ATC
    • Development of Operationally Relevant Suppressor Test Methods, Alan Kong, Test & Evaluation Lead, PM Individual Weapons
  • 14010 - Test Techniques for Next Generation Weapon Suppressor Development, Mr. Daniel Cler, U.S. Army ARDEC

Small Arms - Fire Control

  • 13918 - Universal Fire Control System for Crew Served Weapons, Mr. Jason Davis, NSWC Crane
  • 13964 - Improved Moveable Weapon Mount System for the Ch17 Helicopter, Mr. Michael Colonnello, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14036 - Digital Mounted Machine Gun Optic-Enhancing Crew Served Infantry Weapons, Mr. SG Chung, IT&T
  • 14058 - Development of a "Soft" Mount Capable of Supporting the MK 48 MOD 0 and MOD 1 Lightweight Machine Gun, Mr. Joe Burkhart, NSWC Crane

Small Arms - Ammunition

  • 13614 - Caseless Ammunition Small Arms - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Mr. Jim Schatz, LVT, Inc.
  • 13965 - .30 Caliber Blank Function and Safety Testing, Mr. John Conway, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 13981 - Qualification of .50 Caliber Reduced Range Cartridges by the U.S. Navy, Mr. Dennis Stanton, NSWC Craner
  • 13983 - Advancements in Light Weight .50 Caliber Ammunition, Mr. Jarod Stoll, NSWC Crane
  • 14048 - An Engineering Approach to Precision Ammunition, Mr. Justin Pierce, ATK/Federal
  • 14084 - Sensitized Explosive and Pyrotechnic System Suitable as a Non-Toxic Replacement for Percussion Primers Utilized in Training and Duty Ammunition Systems, Mr. Joel Standstrom, Federal Cartridge
  • 14043 - The MK 315 MOD 0 40mm x 53 HEDP-Transition to U.S. Production, Mr. Helge Stadheim, Nammo Raufoss AS
  • 14069 - Enhanced Fragmentation Studies for a 40mm Grenade, Mr. Paul Shipley, AAI Corporation
  • 14064 - Development and Improvement of a 12.7mm Limited Range Training Ammunition (LRTA), Mr. Gabriel Bourque, General Dynamics-OTS Canada
  • 14267 - Evolution of Green Ammunition for "New" Weapons, Mr. Fredrik Erninge, Nammo Vanäsverken AB
  • 14092 - Incendiary Flash Recognition and Scoring Software, Ms. Connie Furst, U.S. Army ARDEC

Guns & Missiles

Guns & Missiles

  • The Future of Mounted Force Lethality, Mr. Gus Steenborg, Systems Safety, Engineer, Mounted Requirements
  • U.S. Army Maneuver Center of Excellence The Role of Situation Awareness and Cognitive Engineering in Future Weapon Requirements, Design and Operation, Dr. Mica Endsley, President, SA Technologies

Guns & Missiles - Precision Weapons

  • 13665 - Characterizing Precision with Radial Miss Distance, Mr. Jon Peoble, Raytheon Company
  • 13681 - Precision Guidance Kit Update, Mr. Jay Annis, ATK
  • 13961 - Precision Universal Mortar Attack (PUMA), Mr. Sanford Steelman, NSWC Dahlgren
  • 14078 - Cost-Effective Precision Guided Navigation Packages for Artillery, Mortar, and UAVs, Mr. Walter Trach, Rockwell Collins

Guns & Missiles - Modeling & Simulation

  • 13664 - Supporting a Blended Training Environment, Mr. Jon Peoble, Raytheon Company
  • 14029 - Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis of a Power Train Cam for the Bushmaster III 35mm Cannon, Mr. Alan Baker, ATK
  • 13630 - Modeling and Simulation for Guided Mortar Projectiles, Dr. Michael Wilson, Arrow Tech Associates
  • 14091 - Analysis of Fatigue Life Estimate for the M119 Cradle Assembly with a Gouge Cut Defect, Ms. Caitlin Weaver, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14026 - Model-Based Software Development for DDG 1000 Advanced Gun System, Mr. Dirk Jungquist, BAE Systems
  • 14093 - Bore Evacuator Corrosion on the M284 Cannon Tube, Dr. Elaine Humiston, U.S. Army Benet Labs
  • 14099 - Are We Measuring What We Think We Are Measuring?, Mr. Jim Talley, General Dynamics
  • 13615 - Test Options and Analysis Techniques, Mr. Jeff Siewert, Arrow Tech Associates, Inc.
  • 14085 - Novel High-g Soft Recovery System for 155MM Precision Munitions and Components, Mr. Greg Hader, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14130 - A Proposed Method to Standardize the Scoring of Plate Array Damage, Mr. Jim Talley, General Dynamics

Guns & Missiles - Emerging Technologies

  • 13677 - Missile Captive Carry Monitoring, Mr. Brian Hatchell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • 14011 - Advanced Aluminum Alloys Enabling Performance Improvements, Mr. Travis Schmidt, Alcoa Forgings & Extrusions
  • 14033 - Qualifying Synthetically Manufactured Alternatives to Natural Materials Using the Calcium Silicide (CaSi2) Project as an Example, Mr. Chris Sande, ATK
  • 14027 - Advanced Lethality and Accuracy System for Medium Caliber (ALAS-MC), Mr. Jeffery Hart, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14075 - Scalable Airburst Fuze Technology, Mr. Paul Reynolds, General Dynamics
  • 14018 - Extended Area Protection and Survivability Integrated Demonstration (EAPS ID) Army Technology Objective (ATO) Program, Mr. Manfredi Luciano, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14076 - 120mm Rarefaction Wave Gun For Large Area Defense, Dr. Eric Kathe, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14125 - Vertical Ascent Situational Awareness Drone, Mr. Kent Howard, Armor Development Group, LLC
  • 14129 - Barrier Penetrating, Void Detection Fuzed 40mm Grenade, Mr. Kent Howard, Armor Development Group, LLC
  • 13980 - Cannon Cluster Munition Replacement for 155mm Artillery Systems, Mr. Ryan Gorman, U.S. Army ARDEC

Guns & Missiles - Energetic Propellants

  • 14056 - Variable Plasma Igniter Output for Temperature Compensation of Ammunition Performance, Mr. Chris van Driel, TNO
  • 14070 - Temperature Insensitive Propulsion System (TIPS®) for Large Caliber KE Application, Mr. J. Hylton, General Dynamics
  • 14132 - Optimization of ATK LW25mm Cannon Integrated into SAAB Trackfire Remote Weapon Station, Mr. Roger Odell, ATK

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments - Enabling Technologies - Projected Power

  • Railgun Overview and Testing Update, Mr. Charles Garnett, NSWC Dahlgren
  • 13656 - Parametric Analyses Using a Computational System Model of an Electromagnetic Railgun, Ms. Vanessa Lent, NSWC Dahlgren
  • 14022 - Progress Towards a Near Term Extreme Range Cannon, Mr. David Kruczynski, UTRON, Inc.
  • 13653 - Vortically Injected Pressurized Expandable Ramjet (VIPER) Static Thrust Generating Missile and Munition Jet Engine, Dr. Ron Barrett, The University of Kansas

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments - Enabling Technologies - Dismounted Soldier

  • 13997 - Optical Wireless Sensor-to-Warfighter Video Link, Dr. Joshua Borneman, NSWC Crane
  • 13908 - Multifrequency Doppler Signatures of Human Activities, Dr. Ram Narayanan, Pennsylvania State University
  • 13652 - Comprehensive 360° Tactical Awareness for the Crew Served Weapon Leader, Mr. Tim Eagleson, Kollmorgen
  • 14028 - Robotic Armed Maneuver Platform (RAMP), Mr. Alex Olaverri, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14090 - Advancements in Combat Robotic Vehicles: From Taliban Re-Supply Vehicle to Terminator, Mr. Howard Kent, Armor Development Group, LLC

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments - Payloads

  • 14094 - Combined Lethal and Non-Lethal Munition Design Study, Mr. Paul Shipley, AAI Corporation, co-author Mr. Brandon Recchia , AAI Corporation
  • 14041 - Demonstrations of Scalable Munitions Technology for Adaptive Response, Mr. Henry Kerwien, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14049 - Reactive Material Neutralizer Technology, Mr. Jeremy Snyder, General Dynamics
  • 13668 - Enabling Effective Introduction of Next Generation Small Payload Capabilities, Mr. John Eaton, ITT Exelis UK

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments - Enabling Technologies - Delivery

  • 13654 - Solid-State Bullet Guided Flight, Dr. Ron Barrett, The University of Kansas
  • 14038 - Multi Environment Supercavitating Ammunition - New Capabilities and Enhanced Small Caliber Performance from Standard Weapons, Mr. Richard Morgan, DSG Technology
  • 14068 - Active Self Venting Round (SEVER) Rarefaction Wave Based Projectile Launchers, Dr. Michael Macri, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 13995 - Roll Control Guided Mortar (RCGM), Mr. Yousef Habash, General Dynamics
  • 13655 - Supersonic Hovering Aerial Vehicle (SHAV): Recoverable, Strategic Reach VTOL Weapon System at High Mach with Sub-Meter Precision, Dr. Ron Barrett, The University of Kansas


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Small Arms

Small Arms - Training, Modeling & Simulation

  • 13709 - Modeling and Simulation of the Manufacturing and Ballistic Performance of Low-Carbon Steel, Small-Caliber Cartridge Cases, Mr. Mark Lee, ATK
  • 13863 - M4 Weapon Shock Simulator, Mr. Greg Mooty, Ascendant Engineering Solutions
  • 13946 - 50 Caliber Limited Range Projectile, Mr. Stephen McFarlane, U.S. Army
  • 13966 - Metrics Generation and Soldier Weapon Evaluation And Test (SWEAT), Mr. David Sapp, U.S.Army
  • 14039 - ATK Force on Force: Developing the Right Response, Mr. Erik Carlson, ATK Federal Ammunition
  • 14045 - Using Computational Modeling to Assist Detonating 40mm Munitions Design, Mr. Mark Minisi, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14073 - Terminal Ballistic Evaluation of 7.62mm Ammunition Using Finite Element Analysis, Mr. Raymond Chaplin, U.S. Army ARDEC

Small Arms - International

  • 14003 - 40mm Low Velocity Extended Range Munitions, Mr. Aw Cheng Hok, Singapore Technologies Kinetics
  • 14002 - Technical Overview of the K11 Dual-Barrel Air-Burst Weapon, Dr. Eui-Jung Choe, Agency for Defense Development
  • 13919 - Joint Service Small Arms Program Office Technical Base Integration into NATO LCG-1 Weapons and Sensors Roadmap, Dr. Barton Halpern, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14047 - Rheinmetall Red Phosphorus Smoke Cartridges - 40mm x 46 Low Velocity and 40 x 51mm Medium Velocity, Mr. Bruce Botma, Rheinmetall Denel Munitions
  • 14055 - Small Arms Replacement: Component - System - Collective, Mr. Wim de Ruijter, TNO
  • 14062 - Development of a 7.62mm Armor Piercing (AP) Projectile Using a Lean Design For Six Sigma (LDFSS) Process, Ms. Le Binh Tran, General Dynamics-OTS Canada

Guns & Missiles

Guns & Missiles - Platform & Weapon System Integration

  • 14057 - Measurements/Removal of Fouling, Jacket, and Driving Band Deposition and De-Coppering of Cannon Barrels with a New, Automated, Sealed-System Bore Cleaning Machine (paper), Mr. Paavo Sorvakko, Polartherm Oy
  • 14121 - 30mm Linear Linkless Ammunition Handling Technology in a Remote Weapon Station, Mr. Josh Hearn, Meggitt Defense Systems, Inc.
  • 13673 - Capability Gap in Urban Ops and Working Towards a Solution, Mr. Stephan Kerk, Rheinmetall; Mr. Martin van de Voorde, TNO.
  • 14021 - Bore Elevation and Azimuth Measurement System (BEAMS), Mr. Robert Pinto, U.S. Army ARDEC

Guns & Missiles - Energetics/Ammunition

  • 14013 - Results of Air Force Investigation into 20mm Case Neck Separation Phenomenon, Mr. Daniel Gray, U.S. Air Force
  • 13979 - Investigation into the 20mm PGU-27 Bullet Crimp, Mr. Ron Hopkins, General Dynamics
  • 14037 - 25mm x 137 APEX for F-35, Ms. Eva Friis, Nammo Talley
  • 14074 - Super 40mm Ammunition Family, Mr. Paul Reynolds, General Dynamic
  • 14044 - New 105mm Artillery Cartridge; AM350 with M1130E1, Mr. William O'Meara, St. Marks Powder
  • 14136 - A Novel Impact Marking Material for Target Practice Ammunition, Mr. Randall Thompson, Esterline Defense Technologies
  • Investigation of Commercially Available Inerts as Gun Propellant Coating Materials - Feasibility Study, Mr. Duncan Park, U.S. Army ARDEC

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments

Unconventional & Emerging Armaments - FU

  • 14020 - NATO Non-Lethal Capabilities Updates, Mr. John Edwards, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 14054 - Non-Lethal Weapons Effectiveness and Standards: A Team Effort, Mr. Pascal Paulissen, TNO
  • 14256 - Nanotechnology for Future Force Armaments, Mr. Chris Haines, U.S. Army ARDEC
  • 13977 - Active Protection System Simulations, Mr. Matt Harrison, U.S. ARMY AMRDEC
  • NSATC Futures IV Workshop - Process and Outcomes Establishing Future Technology and Systems Capability and Continuing Future Workshop Vision, Mr. Dave Broden, Broden Resource Solutions, Inc.
  • 14328 - U.S. Army Solid State Active Denial Technology (SS-ADT) Program, Mr. Edward Robinson, U.S. Army ARDEC