15th Annual Systems Engineering Conference

22 - 25 October 2012

San Diego, CA


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chief Systems Engineers Panel - Solving Complex Engineering Challenges

  • Mr. Terence Edwards, Office of the Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology
  • Mr. Ricardo Cabrera, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, Technology and Engineering
  • Dr. Kenneth Barker, Air Force Materiel Command
  • Mr. James D. Tuttle, Director, Systems Engineering, Office of the Under Secretary of Science and Technology, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Mr. Joseph Smith, Office of the Chief Engineer, NASA

Program Manager's Panel - Return on Investment in Systems Engineering: The PM Perspective

Industry Systems Engineering Panel - How Has Effective Systems Engineering Benefited Our Defense Programs


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Track 1 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness

  • 14695 - Building a Business Case For Systems Engineering - The Results of the 2012 SE Effectiveness Study, Mr. Joseph Elm, Software Engineering Institute
  • 14725 - Enablers and Impediments to Systems Engineering Implementation, Mr. Pete Nolte, ODASD(SE)
  • 14746 - Defense Acquisition Guidebook Systems Engineering Chapter Update, Mrs. Aileen Sedmak, DASD(SE)
  • 14801 - Sustainability in Acquisition, Mr. Paul Yaroschak, ODUSD(I&E)
  • 14813 - Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) Division Newport Annual SE Assessment Process, Ms. Jacqueline Collins, Naval Undersea Warfare Center
  • 14894 - A Framework for Expedited Systems Development, Ms. Debra Facktor Lepore, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 14512 - New Scalable Acquisition Framework in the Department of Commerce, Ms. Sharon Vannucci, Department of Commerce
  • 14779 - A Status Report - Progress and Plans for Improving DoD Acquisition by Restoring the Use of SE Standard Practices, Col Christopher Ptachik, USAF (Ret), Alion Science & Technology (SAF/AQXA Contractor)
  • 14573 - Characterizing the Accuracy of DOD Operating & Support Cost Estimates, Maj Erin Ryan, USAF (paper)
  • 14828 - Metric Systems for Executive Overview, Mr. Jesse Crowley, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 14866 - Turning Data in to the Tradeoff Analyses Needed by Decision Makers, Mr. Richard Swanson, Dynamics Research Corporation
  • 14628 - Lean Enablers for Managing Engineering Programs, Ms. Lori Zipes, Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City

Track 2 - Net-Centric

  • 14685 - Kick Off for NCO/Interoperability Track, Mr. Jack Zavin, USD(AT&L)/DASD(C3&Cyber) (part 1), (part 2)
  • 14665 - Using Data Integration and Data Governance to Extend the Life of USMC Logistics Applications During Migration to GCSS-MC, Ms. Mary Hiles, Concurrent Technologies Corporation
  • 14836 - Observations of Net-Centric Interoperability Anomalies in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs), Mr. Victor Taibi, DISA/JITC (TASC Inc.)
  • 14669 - Frameworks for Assessing IT Systems Engineering Acquisition Issues and Proposed Approaches in Support of Public Law 111, Dr. Kenneth Nidiffer, Software Engineering Institute
  • 14870 - An Infrastructure to Enable Crowd-Sourced Design and Collaboration for Complex Defense Applications, Dr. Jack Zentner, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Track 2 - SOS/Net-Centric

  • 14590 - Experimental Research and Future Approach on Evaluating Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Challenges in a Real-Time Combat System Environment, Mr. James Moreland, Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division
  • 14750 - System Re-Tasking to Achieve Resilience in an SoS, Ms. Payuna Uday, Purdue University
  • 14766 - Addressing Navy's Information Dominance Technical Authority through System of Systems Engineering and Integration, Dr. Warren Vaneman, Naval Postgraduate School
  • NEW 15271 - DOD Architectures and Systems Engineering Integration, Mr. Dave McDaniel, Silver Bullet Solutions, Inc

Track 3 - Engineering Resilient Systems

  • 14768 - Driving Engineering Productivity, Mr. Stephen Welby, DOD
  • 14697 - How to Use Engineering Resilient Systems Technologies to Improve Defense Acquisition Processes, Dr. Edward Kraft, USAF
  • 14935 - Human Systems S&T: Benchmark Benefits to System Designers Considering Complex Trade Spaces, Dr. John Tangney, Office of Naval Research
  • 14902 - Hidden Costs of Productibility and the Potential ROI of Developing Advanced Manufacturing M&S Capabilities, Dr. Al Sanders, Honeywell Aerospace
  • 14799 - Engineering Resilient Systems Through the Use of Kestrel, a High Fidelity Aircraft Simulation Tool and Compact Efficient Reduced Order Models of the Aircraft Static and Dynamic Loads, Dr. Scott Morton, DOD HPCMP
  • 14842 - Physics-Based Modeling in Virtual Environments to Improve Combat Operations, Dr. Robert Wallace, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
  • 14855 - Systems Tradespace Analysis: Assessment of Current Capabilities and Future Directions, Mr. Elias Rigas, US Army Research Laboratory
  • 14776 - Implementation of Design Space Exploration and Optimization for Early Stage Ship Design, Mr. Adrian Mackenna, NAVSEA
  • 14752 - Early Stage Systems Engineering with Uncertain Requirements, Mr. Michael Bosworth, Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA 05T)
  • 14767 - Panel - Making ERS Possible: Current Commercial Tools and Techniques, Dr. Robert Hummel, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

Track 4 - Early Systems Engineering

  • 14632 - NDIA Development Planning Working Group Workshop: Improving the Integration of Government and Industry S&T/IR&D to Support Development Planning, Mr. John Lohse, Raytheon
  • 14747 - Characterization of Materiel Solution Analysis Phase Engineering and Technical Analysis, Mrs. Aileen Sedmak, ODASD(SE
  • 14587 - MORS Affordability Analysis Workshop: MORS Developmental Planning Working Group Results, Mr. Kirk Michaelson, Lockheed/ Martin
  • 14724 - Insights on the Implementation of Development Planning, Mr. Pete Nolte, ODASD(SE)
  • 14574 - The Amphibious Combat Vehicle: A Real-World Example of Early Phase Systems Engineering for Operational Requirements Generation and Cost Estimation, Mr. Edward DeVilliers, TASC Inc.
  • 14944 - Army Systems Engineering Support to Materiel Development Decision (MDD) Development Planning (DP), Mr. Leo Smith, USA
  • 14812 - Whips and Chains, Bring Me a Rock, and DRIP: A Framework for Understanding Decision Analysis and Decision Support Information, Mr. Jeff Loren, DRC HPTG
  • 15241 - Using the Streamlined Systems Engineering Method for Science and Technology (S&T) to Identify Programs with High Potential to Meet Air Force Needs, Dr. Gerry Hasen, UTC

Track 4 - Early Systems Engineering/SOS

  • 14720 - Mission Architecture: The Key to Successful Pre-Milestone A Systems Engineering, Mr. Michael Stokes, Raytheon

Track 5 - Systems Security Engineering

  • 14761 - System Security Engineering and Program Protection for the Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA) Phase, Ms. Melinda Reed, DOD
  • 14763 - Strategies for Program Protection - Identifying Risks and Setting Requirements, Mr. Paul Croll, CSC
  • 14908 - A Methodology for Agile Development of System Security Architectures in Complex Systems, Ms. Ronda Henning, Harris Corporation

Track 5 - Modeling and Simulation

  • 14774 - The Acquisition Community Modeling and Simulation Strategy (AMSS) to Support Department of Defense Acquisition: Model-Based Systems Acquisition, Ms. Philomena Zimmerman, DOD
  • 14777 - Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis (MS&A) Fundamentals for Acquisition, Ms. Philomena Zimmerman, DOD
  • 14920 - Identification of Modeling and Simulation Capabilities by Acquisition Life Cycle Phase, Dr. James Coolahan, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
  • 14888 - Use of Requirements in Model-Based Systems Engineering for a Legacy Design, Mr. Philip Simpkins, Kihomac, Inc.
  • 14895 - Using MBSE to Support CMMI's Requirements Development and Technical Solutions Process Areas, Mr. Frank Salvatore, Dynamics Research Corporation
  • 14814 - Embedding Command and Control, Information Assurance, and Other Decision Points in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Analyses, Dr. Steven Dam, SPEC Innovations
  • 14899 - Concept Engineering Technologies to Advance Model-Based Systems Engineering, Dr. Robert Cloutier, Stevens Institute of Technology, School of Systems
  • 14841 - Integrated Modeling and Analysis to Support MBSE, Dr. Peter Menegay, Phoenix Integration
  • 14906 - Demystifying the Worlds of M&S and MBSE; Illustrating a Practical Flow through the Worlds - Leveraging the Power of Both, Mr. Bradford Newman, Lockheed Martin

Track 6 - Test & Evaluation/Modeling & Simulation

  • 14571 - Advanced Systems Engineering Methodologies and Tools for Gateway Selection and Configuration, Mr. Robert Lutz, Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory
  • 14614 - Reference Architectures for Model Based Distributed Integration and Test, Dr. Beth Wilson, Raytheon

Track 6 - Test & Evaluation

  • 14618 - Test; Are We Confusing the Issue?, Mr. Steve Scukanec, Northrop Grumman
  • 14967 - Systems Engineering to T&E - Connecting Tests to Requirements with Design of Experiments - the MC - 130W Dragon Spear, Mr. Gregory Hutto, 46 Test Wing

Track 6 - Statistical Test Optimization

  • 14896 - A Priori Factor Validation and Use Case Analysis for Effective DoE Application, Mr. Clint Cole, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 14775 - Evaluating and Improving Operational Test Effectiveness Using Statistical Test Optimization, Mr. Kedar Phadke, Phadke Associates
  • 14805 - A Preliminary Decision Support Framework for Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E): A Systems Engineering Perspective, Mrs. Alethea Rucker, USAF
  • 14775 - Evaluating and Improving Operational Test Effectiveness Using Statistical Test Optimization, Mr. Kedar Phadke, Phadke Associates
  • 14668 - Statistically-Based Test Optimization, Dr. Neal Mackertich, Raytheon

Track 7 - Technology Maturity

  • 14904 - GAO's Assessment of DOD Weapon Acquisition Outcomes and the Impact of Recent Reforms, Mr. Ronald Schwenn, Government Accountability Office
  • 14957 - ISO Technology Readiness Level Standard Status, Mr. James Bilbro, JB Consulting International
  • 14876 - Air Force Life Cycle Management Approach to Technology Readiness Assessment, Ms. Janet Jackson, USAF
  • 14903 - GAO Efforts to Develop a Government wide Guide on Technology Readiness Assessments, Mr. Ronald Schwenn, Government Accountability Office
  • NEW 14611 - Streamlined Systems Engineering for the S&T Business Case, Mr. Thomas Archer, SynGenics Corporation
  • 14784 - A Data Item Description for System Feasibility Evidence, Dr. Barry Boehm, University of Southern California
  • 14619 - Using Sensitivity Analysis in Multi Criteria Decision Making to Improve DOD Requirements Analysis, Mr. Justin Rettaliata, George Washington University
  • 14882 - On Understanding and Contrasting Certification Review Processes for Software and Hardware Components: An Industrial Case Study, Dr. Madeline Diep, Fraunhofer CESE
  • 14832 - Unified System "ility" Definition Framework, Mr. Andrew Long, Kinsey Technical Services, Inc.
  • 14880 - Applying Architectures to Modernization, Sustainment and Investment Planning, Mr. Richard Sorensen, KIHOMAC
  • 14612 - Sustainment and Upgrade of Legacy Systems: How to Address Scope and Cost Risk for Obsolescence Upgrades, Mrs. Milly Lierman, Raytheon Missile Systems

Track 8 - Education and Training

  • 14781 - Panel - Systems Engineering Degrees and Certificates: What is the Right Mix for Industry and Government?
    Moderator: Dr. Art Pyster, Stevens Institute of Technology
    • Mr. Nic Torelli, DASD(SE)
    • Mr. Leroy Hanneman, Boeing
    • Mr. Fred Highland, Lockheed Martin
  • 14597 - Education in Complex Systems for Systems Engineers, Mr. Gregory Miller, Naval Postgraduate School (paper)
  • 14934 - Innovative Strategies for Effective System Engineering Training, Dr. Rick Hefner, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • 14883 - Systems Engineering Practitioner Development via a Multi-Semester Design Project, Dr. Cihan Dagli, Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • 14718 - SEQual - Systems Engineering Workforce Development, Mr. Leonard Mikolajczak, IS&GS
  • 14758 - Systems Engineering Leadership - It Starts on Day One, Dr. Don Gelosh, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • 14959 - Army SE Workforce Development, Education & Training, Mr. Smit Patel, US Army RDECOMARDEC
  • 14585 - Technology Support for Distributed Learning at NPS: A Story of System Evolution and SE Workforce Education, Mr. Gregory Miller, Naval Postgraduate School (paper)
  • 14709 - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Event at Quantico School, Mr. Michael Ferraro, Marine Corps Systems Command
  • NEW - The Qualities of Excellent Systems Engineers, Mr. Gerard Fisher, The Aerospace Corporation

Track 9 ESOH - OSD Perspective

  • 14797 - Acquisition ESOH: An OSD Perspective, Mr. David Asiello, ODUSD(I&E)
  • 14788 - MIL-STD-882E: Overview of Development and Objectives of Rewrite, Mr. Jefferson Walker, Booz Allen Hamilton

Track 9 ESOH - MIL-STD-882E

  • 14789 - MIL-STD-882E: Eight Element Process Changes - Highlight the New Details and Requirements, Ms. Karen Gill, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 14794 - MIL-STD-882E: Software System Safety Process in 882E, Mr. Bob Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 14790 - MIL-STD-882E: Mandatory Definitions, Ms. Lucy Rodriguez, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 14863 - MIL-STD-882E: Quantitative vs. Qualitative ESOH Risk Assessments Using the 882E Risk Matrix, Mr. Bob Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 14791 - MIL-STD-882E: Risk Acceptance Requirements and Scenarios, Ms. Karen Gill, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 14793 - MIL-STD-882E: 882E Hazard Tracking System Requirements and Options, Mr. William Thacker, Booz Allen Hamilton

Track 9 ESOH - Case Studies

  • 14792 - MILSTD-882E: Putting 882E on Contract - Employing the Task Descriptions When Necessary, Mr. Jefferson Walker, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 14818 - Architecting for Disaster Preparedness, Dr. Steven Dam, SPEC Innovations
  • 14541 - Test and Evaluation of Black Swan Risks in Early Systems Development for Maximum Effectiveness: A Case Study of Lightning Protection of Insensitive High Explosives, Mr. Gary Sanders, Sandia National Laboratories

Track 10 - Human Systems Information

  • 14712 - AF System Modification Process, Mr. Roderick Thornton, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 14738 - Applying Human Systems Integration in Air Force Acquisition: From Requirements Development through Disposal, Ms. Sarah Orr, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • 14745 - Complex Systems Engineering Applications for Future Battle Management and Command & Control, Mrs. Bonnie Young, Naval Postgraduate School
  • 14891 - An Evolution of Usability Analysis: The System of Systems Usability (SoS-U) Framework, Dr. Matthew Risser, Pacific Science & Engineering Group
  • NEW - The Human Role in Resilience Engineering: A Practical View, Ms. Elaine Thorpe, The Boeing Company
  • 14917 - Malleable Function Allocation: The Human Role in Resilience Engineering, Dr. Matthew Risser, Pacific Science & Engineering Group

Track 10 - Software Development

  • 14666 - Case Study of a Program using an Agile Software Development Process, Ms. Phyllis Marbach, The Boeing Company
  • 14798 - A Methodology for Exposing Software Safety Risk in Early Development Phases, Dr. Lucas Layman, Fraunhofer USA
  • 14972 - Defining Requirements for Error Handling with Usage Models, Dr. William Bail, The MITRE Corporation

Track 10 - Software Architecture & Infrastructure

  • 14687 - Software Engineering: Architecture-Driven Software Development, Mr. Richard Schmidt, Systems Analysis, Inc.
  • 14809 - Architecting the Cloud: Enterprise Architecture Patterns for Cloud Computing, Ms. Claudia Rose, BBII


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Track 1 - Systems Engineering Effectiveness

  • 14938 - System Development Performance Measurement: Validation of the Effectiveness of an Initial Indicator Set and Addressing Additional Information Needs, Mr. Peter McLoone, Lockheed Martin IS&GS
  • 14829 - Systematic Approach for Product Quality Escape Elimination and Defect Reduction, Mr. Martin Woznica, Raytheon Missile Systems
  • 14787 - Harmonization of Key Systems Engineering Resources, Mr. Garry Roedler, Lockheed Martin
  • 14914 - A Quantitative Analysis of the Benefits of Prototyping Fixed-Wing Aircraft, Dr. John Colombi, Air Force Institute of Technology

Track 2 - SOS Policies, Issues and Implementation

Track 2 - SOS Development & Execution

  • 14867 - Modeling an Acquisition Decision-Making Process for the FAA NextGen Systems of Systems, Dr. Mark Blackburn, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 14929 - Capability-Driven Systems Engineering Process with SOS and MS&A Considerations, Mr. Mitchel Miller, AFMC/EN
  • 14772 - Proposed NDIA brief focusing on System of System Engineering using COE as Exemplar, Mr. Phillip Minor, Office of Chief Systems Engineer, ASA(ALT)

Track 2 - SOS/T&E

  • 14613 - Test and Evaluation Connections with Systems Engineering, Dr. Beth Wilson, Raytheon
  • 14771 - SOS SE and T&E: Final Report, Dr. Judith Dahmann, The MITRE Corporation

Track 3 - Engineering Resilient Systems

  • 14833 - Design of Resilient US Space Architectures, Mr. Andrew Long, Kinsey Technical Services, Inc.
  • 14652 - Case Study in the Development and Implementation of Platformbased and Model-based Engineering with HPC to Convert From Prototypebased to Physics-based, Computational Product Development, Mr. Loren Miller, DOD HPCMP CREATE Program
  • 14921 - Platform Evolution - Extending System Lifecycles Under Uncertainty, Mr. Troy Peterson, Booz Allen Hamilton

Track 3 - Engineering Resilient Systems: Opportunities for the Future

  • 14848 - Model-Based Engineering: Opportunities, Risks, and Best Practices, Dr. Marc Halpern, Gartner
  • 14773 - Engineered Resilient Systems (ERs): Insights and Achievements within the ERs Secretary of Defense Science and Technology (S&T) Priority, Dr. Robert Neches, ODASD (SE)
  • 14937 - Engineered Resilient Systems: The Integration of Design, Engineering and Tradespace Analysis, Dr. Jeffery Holland, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Track 3 - Agile Systems Engineering

  • 14909 - Agile Systems Engineering is an Acquisition Game-Changer, Mr. Philip Matuzic, The Boeing Company
  • 14913 - Holistic Agile Systems Engineering: Enabling Agile Software Engineering, Mr. Michael Coughenour, Lockheed Martin
  • 14922 - Agile-Lean Systems Engineering in Defense: Expanding the Scope of NDIA/AFEI Agile Defense Adoption Proponents Team (ADAPT) Dr. Richard Turner, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • 14661 - Model-Based Concept Development, Mr. Brian London, Draper Laboratory

Track 4 - Early Systems Engineering

  • 14691 - Systems Engineering Best Practices in Science and Technology, Low Altitude Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS) Military Utility Study, Ms. Carol Ventresca, SynGenics Corporation
  • 14616 - Reinventing Defense Innovation Ecosystem: S&T Programs to Innovation Programs, Mr. Has Patel, Infologic, Inc.
  • 14727 - Aircraft Design Exploration through Integrated Parametric Modeling and Dynamic Simulation, Dr. Nicholas Borer, Draper Laboratory
  • 14757 - Maximizing Innovation with Systems Engineering, Mr. Robert Scheurer, The Boeing Company
  • 14854 - Development Planning for Producibility and Maintainability Reduces Total Cost of Ownership and Increases Readiness, Mr. Chuck Buckley, Dassault Systèmes
  • 14598 - Weapon System Design Trade Offs, Mr. F. Quentin Redman, PRICE SYSTEMS, L.L.C.
  • 14910 - A Holistic Approach to Agile Systems Engineering - Equipping SEs to ADAPT, Mr. Jim Brake, Lockheed Martin

Track 5 - M&S Cost & Capability

  • 14877 - FACT: Enabling Systems Engineering as a Web Service, Mr. Daniel Browne, Georgia Tech Research Institute
  • 14929 - Capability-Driven Systems Engineering Process with SOS and MS&A Considerations, Mr. Mitchel Miller, AFMC/EN

Track 5 - M&S Applications

  • 14889 - A Comparison of Ship Self Defense Analysis Simulations, Mr. Timothy Jahren, Raytheon
  • 14951 - Simulation and Emulation in Support of Operational Networks: Always On, Dr. Nancy Bucher, ASA(ALT) OCSE/PoR

Track 6 - Program Management - Planning

  • 14606 - Agile Surveillance Points, Mr. Richard Carlson, The Boeing Company
  • 14892 - The Evolution of a Science Project: System Dynamics Modeling of Recurring Software-Intensive Acquisition Behaviors, Mr. William Novak, Software Engineering Institute

Track 6 - Program Management - Measurement & Analysis

  • 14938 - SystemDevelopment Performance Measurement: Validation of the Effectiveness of an Initial Indicator Set and Addressing Additional Information Needs, Mr. Peter McLoone, Lockheed Martin IS&GS

Track 6 - Program Management - Program Decisions & Costs

  • 14594 - Something You Should Know About Rights in Technical Data, Mr. Russ Miller, USA
  • 14681 - A Macro-Stochastic Model for Improving the Accuracy of DOD Life Cycle Cost Estimates, Maj Erin Ryan, USAF

Track 7 - Affordability

  • 14588 - MORS Affordability Analysis Workshop: Overall Workshop Results, Mr. Kirk Michaelson, Lockheed Martin
  • 14785 - A Value-Based Orthogonal Framework for Improving Life Cycle Affordability, Dr. Barry Boehm, University of Southern California
  • 14939 - Affordability Measurement: Exploring Qualitative Approaches, Mr. Peter McLoone, Lockheed Martin IS&GS
  • 14662 - A Macro-Stochastic Model for Improving the Accuracy of DOD Life Cycle Cost Estimates, Maj Erin Ryan, USAF paper
  • 14617 - Empirical Assessment of Technology, Design and Production Parameters on the Schedule and Cost Risk of DOD Weapon Systems, Mr. Daniel Katz, George Washington University
  • 14884 - An Experience Report on Developing a Cost Estimation Probability Model of a Large Multi-Year System, Dr. Madeline Diep, Fraunhohfer Center Maryland
  • 14596 - Using Value Engineering to Improve the Affordability of Life- Cycle Sustainment of Department of Defense Systems, Dr. Jay Mandelbaum, Institute for Defense Analyses
  • 14622 - Acquisition Reform: Integrate Technical Performance with Earned Value Management (EVM), Mr. Paul Solomon, Performance-Based Earned Value

Track 9 - ESOH Joint NEPA

  • 14840 - NEPA and Systems Engineering: Managing the Environmental Risk, Mr. George Evans, Prospective Technology, Inc.
  • 14843 - NEPA Compliance Challenges for Joint Acquisition Programs: US Air Force Perspective, Mr. Samuel Brown, Alion Science and Technology
  • 14844 - New Concept for PESHE and NEPA/EO 12114 Compliance Schedule, Ms. Lucy Rodriguez, Booz Allen Hamilton

Track 9 - M&S/Architecture

  • 14928 - Architecting in the Fourth Dimension - Modeling Time in DoDAF, Mr. Matthew Hause, Atego
  • 14871 - Moving SAVI to the Launch Pad, Dr. Donald Ward, Aerospace
  • 14764 - System Requirements Traceability and System Verification Rigor and Planning: Lessons Learned on the Individual Semi-Automatic Airburst System (ISAAS) Program, Mr. Joel Feigum, Alliant Techsystems

Track 9 - Architecture

  • 14886 - New Opportunities for System Architecture Measurement, Mr. Paul Kohl, Lockheed Martin
  • 14830 - Use of Architecture for Systems Integration: An NDIA SE Division Architecture Subcommittee Update, Dr. Steven Dam, SPEC Innovations
  • 14715 - Architecting Fundamentals: Integrated Modular Solution Architectures, Mr. Raymond Jorgensen, Rockwell Collins
  • 14806 - Functional Architecture as the Core of Model-Based Systems Engineering, Dr. Ronald Carson, The Boeing Company

Track 10 - SOS/Architecure

  • 14808 - The Evolution of Emergent Architectures, Ms. Claudia Rose, BBII
  • 14690 - The Challenges of Implementing Open Systems Architecture, Mr. William Decker, Defense Acquisition University
  • 14835 - A Portfolio Approach to System-of-Systems Acquisition and Architecture, Dr. Navindran Davendralingam, Purdue University

Track 10 - Enterprise Health Management

  • 14723 - DASD(SE) Reliability and Maintainability Engineering Initiatives, Mr. Andrew Monje, ODASD(SE)
  • 14950 - Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM), Mr. Bhavanjot Singh, ASA(ALT) OCSE
  • 14860 - Operational Availability Estimation, Modeling, and Analysis, Mr. Charles Carter, Sandia National Laboratories
  • 14496 - A Recommendation for Specifying Better DOD System Reliability Requirements, Mr. David Nicholls, Reliability Information Analysis Center
  • 14595 - Model Based Engineering for Embedded Test Software Requirements Development, Mr. James Brewer, Raytheon paper
  • 14796 - Effective Test & Evaluation through Capability Based System Integration and Automated Testing Strategies, Mr. Robert Koczat, The Spectrum Group
  • 14656 - Model-Based Approach for Trade Studies Involving COTS Integration, Mr. Gabriel Lopez, George Washington University